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 >  launch pop-up windows elegantly
a window launcher for IE 3+ and Netscape 3+ that makes sure new windows go to the front of the user's screen. (version 2.0 posted May 7, 1999)
 >  load url in parent window
loads a page into the window that opened a popped-up window. optionally closes the popped-up window in the process. (version 1.0 posted May 18, 2000)
 >  auto-initializing rollovers
sick of typing "myimage1 = new Image();", or just need a good script to swap images? this should do the trick. (version 1.0 posted May 7, 1999)
 >  client-side include
use this script to add a reusable portion of html to your pages (posted May 31, 2001)
 >  browser detection
the stuff you need to know to write browser-specific code, plus a generic script that sniffs the user's browser and returns its name, version, and platform.
 >  pulldown menus
sample code to make drop-down forms used for site navigation.
 >  automated site tour (slideshow)
an easy to use little application for taking a user through a predetermined set of web pages.
 >  fixing the netscape css layer resize bug
how to workaround netscape's famous layer bug where layers get all screwed up when you resize the browser.
 >  backwards compatible coding
a clean approach to supporting javascript features across the javascript versions.
 >  javascript versions
a short'n'sweet list of which browsers support which versions of JavaScript (as it's called in Netscape) and Jscript (as it's called in Internet Explorer).