load a url from a popup window
if you've popped up a window using a popup window script and loaded a page into that popped-up window, you may want to use links in the new window to load pages into the old window. not a problem. to load pages into the window that opened a popup window, follow these instructions...

step one: add the script
first put this little script inside the <head> tag of the page in the popped-up window:

step two: add the links
once you've got the above script in your page, make your links like this:
<a href="javascript:loadinparent('', false);">my homepage</a>
<a href="javascript:loadinparent('', false);">GWEN!</a>
<a href="javascript:loadinparent('', true);">javascript page</a>

here's how the links work: start with a normal anchor tag:
<A HREF=""></A>

as the value of the HREF attribute, add one of the following lines of code, setting the options as described below:

javascript:loadinparent('yourlinkhere.html', false);
javascript:loadinparent('yourlinkhere.html', true);

the above code samples each call the page loading function in the script you just put in your popped-up window page. we send two pieces of information to that function: 1) 'yourlinkhere.html', which is the location of the page you want loaded into the parent window; and 2) either true or false, which indicates whether or not the function should close the popped-up window after loading the page into the parent window (true if it should close it, false if it shouldn't).

and that's all there is to it!

try it out
here's a sample showing the code in action.

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may 18, 2000: posted.
may 31, 2001: fixed page title.