look pa, no hands!
why make your users interact when they can simply consume instead? with this automated site tour script, you can enter a list of pages to display (on your site or someone else's) and have javascript automatically load them as a slide show. if you're having trouble imagining what i mean, you can try this:

view the sample tour (will launch in a new window)

how to make use the script
this one's nice and easy to customize. you really don't need to know much javascript at all to make the tour go. follow the steps below to get it going...

  1. download the .zip with the tour files in it
  2. the homepage for your tour is called "tourhome.html". customize that page however you like.
  3. open "tourscript.html" in your favourite html code editing environment.
  4. find the line that reads: "var speed = 10000;". the number 10000 is the default speed at which your pages will load, in milliseconds. 10000 is 10 seconds, 5000 is 5, 1000 is 1, etc. set this number to your desired default speed.
  5. under the line that reads "pages = new Array (", you'll see the list of pages to show in the tour. the first one is "tourhome.html". you should leave that as's the start page of your tour. but you can change any of the others to whatever you like, and you can add as many as you want. for each additional page, simply copy the format of the sample pages, like this:


    note a couple of things though: 1) the comma is important. make sure it's at the end of every line *except* the last one. 2) you can use relative or absolute paths to your pages, so "../yourpage.html" will work fine.
  6. that's about it! link to "starttour.html" to lead users to the first page of the tour.

so if you make a nice tour, send me a note at to let me know about it. you can take a look at my tour too if you like.

revision history
december 20, 1999: posted.