moock sandbox

moock sandbox
play with some personal projects and client pieces i've produced in flash.

personal stuff
GWEN ~ my animated girl

gender roll ~ a short movie

work stuff
amicus elearning
flash learning activities and games for new amicus bank employees.

sunny delight digout!
the action game for snowshovellers.

royale graffiti magnets
one of the toys i did for the "get out and go!" contest ice produced for procter and gamble. this was a project for royale (as in the bathroom tissue). move graffiti around a bathroom wall, then save your arrangement for others to see.

hp ecommerce sales cd
in the fall of 1999 i produced a cd in flash for hewlett-packard to promote their new small business ecommerce package. it had some interesting programming that dynamically created menus depending on the content but we later had to drop that out so the content could be separated onto individual cds. this was a fun chance to do some full screen design and play with subtle but visually enticing interface transitions.

ice intro animation
the welcome animation for ice's website, (ice is the agency where i work). it uses various circular motion algorithms to make pretty patterns. and it's interactive...clicking any of the letters in the words "no more same old same old" will change the pattern in some way. click the last "l" to see instructions.

tattersall sound
a website for a canadian post-production sound company. very cool client who gave me a lot of free reign to do something interesting with their site. this was one of those rare freelance jobs where you get to do what you like and the project actually runs smoothly...

m&s canadian encyclopedia 2000
during 1998 and 1999, ice (the new media agency i work for) produced mcclelland & stewart's latest edition of the canadian encyclopedia. i did a bunch of work on the interactive components of the encyclopedia, mostly in flash.

la senza lingerie
this is a short promotional movie for the la senza website (la senza is a vitoria's secret type store in canada). we went through several versions before hitting the piece that was used on the final site. my first version tried to use as few bitmaps as possible by interspersing lots of vector transitions...the result was something that would stream well on slow connections. in the end, the client eventually decided that they wanted to show more shots of the product so they turned the piece into more of a high-bandwidth movie with a larger file size and longer loading sequence.

take a look, then vote for the one you like best!
here are the voting results

playdium shortcuts
ten quick cuts used by playdium entertainment between content scenes in their digital restaurant. these were originally exported as avi's so the .swf posted here isn't optimized at all (334K). luckily flash 4's visibility property makes the hourglass preloader easy to implement. (let the movie run twice through to see it the way it's supposed to look).

levi's hot spot
finished and posted in december 1997, the levi's canada website was side-scrolling animated comic strip called the hot spot. it's hard to imagine now, but the hot spot was created completely in flash 2. still makes me shudder to think about that. won shocked site of the day in january 98.
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