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during the summer of 2001, ice produced an entire learning system for amicus bank employees. the system was a web-based version of a week long paper-based course about banking products (accounts, loans, etc). in addition to the massive text materials, the website included: both the pavilion and the activities run entirely on external xml data sources. in the real implementation, the pavilion saved progress for each user between visits. some of the generic code used in this project is posted at the code depot for actionscript: the definitive guide. for example, the pavilion customer game uses "follow a grid of points", "rotate towards a point", and "generic preload manager". activity 1 uses "dynamic tile grid". activity 2 uses "scroll buttons for graphics". activity 4 uses "files and windows". activity 5 uses "carousel-style menu".

revision history
august 28, 2001: posted.
february 5, 2008: credits removed.