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Following are the major examples in the book Essential ActionScript 2.0, by Colin Moock. In addition to these larger examples, there are, of course, hundreds of shorter examples in the book that are not offered here for download. Shorter examples should, for the sake of practice and study, be recreated manually by the reader.

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Chapter 5, Authoring an ActionScript 2.0 Class
> ImageViewer Take 1
> ImageViewer Take 2
> ImageViewer Take 3

Chapter 7, Authoring an ActionScript 2.0 Subclass
> ImageViewerDeluxe

Chapter 8, Interfaces
> Serializer

Chapter 11, An OOP Application Framework
> Application Template

Chapter 12, Using Components with ActionScript 2.0
> Currency Converter Application

Chapter 13, MovieClip Subclasses
> Avatar Example
> Avatar Example, Composition Version

Chapter 14, Distributing Class Libraries
> Spider Services, Example Class Library

Chapter 16, The Observer Design Pattern
> An Application Logger
> Logger, Composition Version

Chapter 17, The Singleton Design Pattern
> Example Singleton Class

Chapter 18, The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
> MVC Clock

Chapter 19, The Delegation Event Model
> Event Broadcast Example: Random Shooting Stars