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essential actionscript 2.0  


Essential ActionScript 2.0
"Colin illustrates not just how to write ActionScript but how to write great ActionScript."
~Gary Grossman, Creator of ActionScript

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essential actionscript 2.0 (eas2)
by colin moock

looking for info on ActionScript 3.0?
Essential ActionScript 3.0 is now available.

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sample chapters
>> chapter 2 (available at
>> chapter 6 excerpt: composition versus inheritance
>> chapter 12 (available at

example downloads
>> download example files from the book here

about the book
>> official o'reilly description
>> table of contents
>> EAS2 versus ASDG (the definitive guide)

academic copies
if you are an instructor at an academic institution and are considering eas2 for a course, you can request a review copy at

translated editions
>> chinese
>> french
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