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w3c scalable vector graphics (svg)
the centre for official information on svg from the w3c's svg working group. contains the latest svg news, and links to svg articles/reviews, tools, and official specs. maintained by chris lilley, svg working group chair.

w3c graphics activity
links to general information on all the w3c's graphics initiatives, plus a good high level description of svg.

the svg spec
a remarkably readable document that both defines the svg language in detail and describes in general terms how svg works.

adobe's svg technology preview
open to the public as of early 2000, this is adobe's technical headquarters for their efforts in the svg arena. if you want tangible examples and software today, head straight over. includes introductions to svg, tutorials, a browser plug-in svg viewer, a converter that creates svg from illustrator files, svg demos, code samples, a user forum, etc etc. really superb information and examples.

adobe's svg web centre
adobe's consumer headquarters for svg. aimed at designers, web professionals, content creators, and general web enthusiasts, this sitelet provides high level introductory information and samples for those new to svg. good info that evangelizes the format.

hotwired: sneak peek at svg
an article by steve mulder that gets into the basics of svg syntax, gives an introduction to what svg is, and explains some of svg's features. primary focus is on how svg will be used on the web.

should flash be the vector standard?
a response to that question given on the w3c's svg listserv by jon ferraiolo (adobe rep. and editor of the svg spec) that outlines some of the reasons svg was invented in favour of simply adopting .swf as the standard for vector graphics on the web.

w3c svg mailing list archive
web-browsable archive of the questions, answers, and discussion on the w3c's public mailing list about svg. good source to check for answers (often by the creators of svg) to frequent questions.

ibm's svgview java viewer
java display applet for svg files. works with any xml-enabled browser. only available for windows as of feb. 24, 2000.

transforming xml into svg
an excellent, in depth article by doug tidwell at ibm that shows several hands-on examples of creating svg dynamically from xml documents using stylesheets and xslt. there's also a good but brief intro to svg itself at the beginning of this article.

webdraw svg editor, by jasc software
an svg creation tool by the same company that makes paint shop pro. provides a complete set of vector art, text, interactivity, and animation tools.

mozilla's svg activity page
describes the intention of mozilla (the open source browser) to include native svg support as soon as possible. find out what's happening with current svg project activities, as well as play with examples and read svg info. if you're a developer looking for something to work on, you can get involved it the mozilla svg project here.

tobias reif's svg samples and information page. includes info on generating svg with ruby, and an extensive list of links to svg info and examples.

revision history
may 21, 1999: posted.
may 27, 1999: added macromedia's article comparing svg with flash.
nov 09, 1999: removed link to macromedia's article comparing svg with flash. they seem to have backed off making any public statements about the subject. can't find anything on their site about it anymore.
feb 15, 2000: added link to adobe's svg technology preview site, and gave in to popular demand to lighten the background of this page :).
feb 24, 2000: added links to ibm svg viewer and tidwell article.
mar 20, 2000: added link to jasc's trajectory pro software.
april 18, 2000: added link to adobe's new svg info centre.
april 25, 2000: added link to mozilla's svg project site.
february 05, 2001: fixed link to w3c's activity statement.
february 17, 2002: added link to pinkjuice.com.
february 28, 2002: jasc renamed trajectory pro to webdraw. the w3c's spec link updated to point to the svg recommendation.