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flashzone tile puzzle
the classic tile puzzle game implemented with fs command and flash. a good starter project if you're making flash games in flash 3, or if you want a practical fs command example to look at. this one is cleanly done. as of the release of flash 4, the game itself would be easier done with actionscript.
one of the more ambitious flash games on the net, arcane is an online mystery serial with professional illustration and animation by quebec city (canada) based animation studio sarbakan. amazingly, arcane was originally created with flash 3 and no real programming.
m-zero: the interactive mini-series
a highly complex (in flash 3 terms anyway) mystery game set in a neat looking futuristic city. manipulate and use objects. feels like the old infocom text-adventure games with pictures, animations, and a console. apart from arcane, m-zero is in a class of its own in the flash 3 games department.
the secret garden of mutabor
a slightly crazy series of scavenger hunt type games done in flash 3. some cute illustration.
berny's interactive adventures
a nicely rendered ongoing french game starring "berny" a miner who tries to make his way through mazes. impressive use of flash 3, especially relative to that version's limitations.
leos great day
created by pepworks in 1999, leo's great day is an involved click-through flash 3 adventure game. nice illustration, and fun gameplay. three years later, pepworks released leo2, in shockwave 3d: great work.
:: [ [ gigablast ] ] ::
an unbelievably slick looking site with a fantastic version of the classic "scramble" space shooter game. a truly impressive use of actionscript and design skillz. done by pepworks, who also did leo's great day.
x p e r i e n c e
a bunch of little old-skool arcade games with a twist: you mail them to friends as a present. sort of a flash game/animation greeting card type deal. nicely designed, done by swedish agency starlet
flashkit arcade
links to dozens (hundreds?) of games done in flash. many are high quality. part of
sadistic boxing
james baker from the wddg brings you sadistic boxing, a boxer-career multiplayer strategy game. pit your boxers against your friends' boxers, in an attempt to become a boxing manager tycoon. sweet illustrations, and certainly an ambitious level of scripting complexity for flash 4.
+++ H:U:i - H:U:i +++
stylish german mini-arcade by manatwork. features classics like frogger, space invaders and tetris, all with high scores and plenty of eyecandy.
electrotank (multiplayer minigolf)
a really super collection of realtime multiuser games, complete with rooms and chat for challenging other players. don't miss minigolf. created by jobe makar, robert firebaugh, and mike grunvig.
a multiplayer breakdancing game. try to do the moves by pressing the arrow keys at the right time while onlookers cheer or cringe at your performance. gameplay is much like the ps 1's "parappa the rappa" and "um jammer lammy" but with a slick hiphop theme.
titoonic's spider
you're a spider in this moody forest scene. bugs fly by, you propel yourself into the air with your web. if you catch a bug, you get points. if you catch a firefly, you get burned (and eventually die). this is a truly unique, successful game. i actually class it as highly playable and addictive...rare for action-based web games. beautiful artwork, great physics, atmospheric sound. would love to see the concept developed for the console market.
multiplayer blackjack
a full featured real-time multiplayer blackjack game. includes multiple tables, membership, game watching, a lobby, and chat. by alan queen for
ferry halim's orisinal
californian flasher ferry halim presents his wonderful indie games here--21 of them in total when i visited in sept 2001. the games are short'n'sweet, beautifully illustrated, always funny, and most importantly of all, feature excellent gameplay. all of them are fun and usable. highly recommended.
acno's energizer
a fun-as-shit little 2-d action puzzle game. with addictive old-school playability. a rare gem. includes a level-editor so you can make your own stages!
neave's web games
paul neave is the creator of this classic arcade, recreated in flash. really quite excellent renditions of pacman, space invaders, pong, etc. not direct ports (eg. the ghosts in pac man have different hunting algorithms).
a christmasy take on the classic qbert. great gameplay. by paul szypula (who also did the may1streboot site for 2002).
andries odendaal, now famous for his isometric conjurings in flash, has developed one of the best flash games i've seen in ages: WhizzBall!
flash player
tons of little flash games and animations. lots and lots to see here, many games are fun.
extrajetzt fastfroots
an impressive knock-off of the nintendo classic, mario kart. really well done. by extrajetzt.

flash animation->

they're made of meat
terry bisson's well known script adapted for realflash. one of the realflash showcases on the real site.
webtrips entertainment network
maintained by creative explosions inc, an online advertising/flash company based in palo alto, ca, this site is home of the famous clinton vs. gate grudge match. click on "pleasure" when you get there.
jonni nitro
an online animated film-comic hybrid with stylish black & white vector animations that are as realistic as it gets in flash.
rooney design
a freelance designer in california. go here to see a very neat looping animation of a bunch of clever zoom transitions. click on "zoom in" once you're there.
2b - internet comics
2b internet comics is an independent net publisher of brazilian comic artists. as of jan. 99, there were 4 artists represented, with first issues scheduled for march 99. has good potential...worth keeping an eye on if you're in to flash used with comics.
interactive & interface factory:I2f
sweet japanese design + interactive agency. notable flash is a 3d multiple cube interface with tricky mouseover effects. (select "flash" from their pulldown menu).
cartoon network: web premiere toons
spumco-style toons created for the web in flash. long and involved. well worth a visit if you're interested in cartooning in flash. the technical director participates in flasher-l. produced by funny garbage in nyc.
ego media
a digital design agency with a ton of vectorized video animated silhouettes of people integrated into their site's design. (similar animation to jonni nitro...).
attractive flash/film interface on this web-based entertainment provider's site. also some animated shorts done in flash.
kimble rulez!
another egoist's over-indulgent homepage. some neat effects though, and a funny animated short with the usual bad guy: bill gates.
melon dezign
a promotional flash movie for a design company in france. a combination of custom vector transitions with video motion capture (like you find in jonni nitro). it's a 3mb file though, so take your adsl connection with you when you visit.
a partially-animated comic series based on a futuristic desolate america. the site is an interactive version of a print mag released in 1996 in detroit. so far only preview episodes (as of april 17/1999), but enough content to warrant a visit.
one of my old favourites, "ultralights" started life out as a personal site on geocities ( by naoki mitsuse. naoki has a couple of friends working with him now and ultralights has become the permanent home of his animated shorts and whatever else the group decides to make. naoki's classics (now also posted at are the sex slave rebel (I and II), and francesca the fruit fly.
honkworm's real flash examples
honkworm is an online entertainment agency based in seattle washington. they did the famous fishbar movies that were showcased at the real site. this link takes you to lots of their work samples. good stuff.
stylish little japanese animations based on the character "marimo". maintained by toru in tokyo japan.
the darker wave
follow jason murray's animated cockroach through bathrooms and love stories. highly polished illustration and good production quality. hosted at "triple-bypass", online urban groove zine and radio.
the cartoon
a short comic-book style movie that blends animation with traditional print techniques. neat gunshot and invisible transformation effects. by brad merritt, a member of flasher-l.
dreamworks records
recognized by communication arts, macromedia, and netscape, dreamworks records houses online animated record "covers", or promotional pieces designed and animated by guest flash artists (one of whom is josh ulm from quokka). record sales are directed to online distributors like cdnow. the site was produced by second story interactive, who also maintain the remedi project. nice collection of animation techniques for flash.
willing to try
a beautifully animated series of inter-related and interactive shorts. some of the most elegant animation in flash i've seen. produced by the try group, a private tutoring company in japan that advocates liberal methods of education.
mondo mini shows
san francisco based "mondo media" offers their mini-series style flash animations for viewing (you have to go to the web portals where they're hosted...netcenter, warner bros. etc)
animated adventures and games based on a super hero "cyber-vixen" character. very professional. fairly traditional linear animation style, but some neat flash tricks.
a contest in flash animation. 1999's top 10 winners are nice & professional. inspiring uses of flash that make you forget they were done in flash.
*spark>> digital gallery
a non-profit endeavour by kris krug (and a bunch of others) to showcase artwork done in flash and other digital tools. interesting world-wide content so far (oct 19/1999).
independent new york web designer, kinya hanada, hosts his collection of freaked out hyper mumbleboy animations. pretty famous around the web...has been showcased on hotwired's animation site and elsewhere.
globz: interactive games,stories & toys
i didn't know whether to file this one under actionscript, interface design, games, or animation cause it excels in all of those categories...i settled on animation cause the characters are just too damn cute. great little games, super interface tricks. well worth visiting.
the cat
a short flick done with hand drawn line art. very funny, and nice illustrative style. by randy jamison.
a trippy animated short with unique illustrations and inventive transitions. about 10-15 minutes of solid content (takes a while to load...but well worth the wait).
captain low-rez
follow the adventures of the "25 pixel" superhero, captain lowrez. old-skool arcade graphics are what its all about in these animated shorts, created by matthew burns.
a professionally produced animated series following the story of a girl named chi chian in a bug world (manhattan, year 3000). highly stylized bitmap cardboard-cutout animation.
looney tunes
the famous cast of warnerbros characters--tweety, sylvester, bugs bunny, etc--are brought to the web at the company's official site. when i visited (aug 2001), the site featured a "reality tv" miniseries spoof. the cartoons are short, and have a (very) little interactivity (e.g., pick a food for the character to eat). it's excellent quality animation for the web, but not broadcast quality. for me the experience of big name tv toons on the web falls short...there's too much browser, navigation, and advertising chrome for me to pay attention. the experience isn't immersive (like it is on a fullscreen tv). the content is still too brief to justify the load time. also, things like car advertising seem out of place dropped in front of the cartoon. on tv the content itself and the broadcast of content are get the show, and then you get "interruptions" by the broadcast company for commercial breaks; somehow the show still has its own integrity. it's almost as though the show is put on pause by the advertising company. but on the web the advertising gets built right into the show. on tv i get cartoons. on the web i get corporate branding, privacy statements, trademark notices, cross-promotions, marketing messaging. bleck.
strong bad email
the hillarious animated "strong bad" reads his email. one email per episode. if you work on the web you're gonna laugh your fuckin ass off.
a 5-minute animation sequence by tokyoplastic. great characters and music...make sure to wait for the drum sequence!

flash interface design->

virtual_pulse records
winner of october 1999's wddg flash challenge, this site excels at lots of different aspects of flash: there's a useful and engaging loading sequence, very cool sound design, a neat interface, and lots of yummy little design elements.
lundstrom and associates architects
those of you are waiting for the web to look and act more lke cdroms will enjoy looking at this architecture firm's site (based in california, usa).
a virtual world tour/attractions site with a cdrom-ish interface. one of the earliest ambitious flash sites.
asmussen interactive
neat design of menus, plus a few tasteful effects. content is thin: it's just a promo site for a small interactive company--a few tutorials that may be useful.
indigenous australia
neat transitions on menu/interface elements. made by walmac interactive media.
neue sentimental film online
an international film and commercial company based in hamburg and new york. extremely elegant design, interesting interface, and a very convincing simulation of film projection done in flash.
a german web design firm. inventive text effects combined with a 3d viewer for their work samples. also an in-depth cartoon adventure worth looking at. pepworks is based in krefeld germany, "the ugliest city in the world" according to patrick thiel, founder of pepworks ;)
[new beetle] turbonium
slick, sweet, modern...just like the car... (this used to link to, but they took that down...oh well. turbonium's nice too)
eye4u active media
site of the web design company "eye4u" located in munich, germany. this is probably the most appropriate example of the latest generation gabocorp-style overdone interface. whether you like that stuff or not, these guys do know their way around flash. some of the sites in their porfolio are less fluffy than their own site.
a gorgeous japanese example of design-for-design's sake that manages the interface-as-art challenge incredibly well. very slick. to enter, use the understated "click to start" button.
dennis interactive
a slick line-art promotional site for a new york based interactive agency. the interface animations are nice and smooth, and the design is elegant. their clients include cosmopolitan magazine and united media (the for better or for worse comic strip publishers).
living screen
id media's site promoting their screen saver utility for flash. another example of a cd-romish interface with some interesting little tricks.
nrg design!
located in belgium, nrg design is an interactive design company that has become famous not so much for its projects but for its fancy lookin company website, which was macromedia's ssod on july 17, 1998. the site suffers from a gabo-esque over indulgence, but is still worth visiting, if only to see its remarkable use of shape tweening. - niki taylor
a promotional site for model niki taylor designed and produced by evilsteven at zoecom design. of interest because of its integration of lots of web technologies (html, flash, real video, asp). decent example of a professional/corporate use of flash (that *isn't* by a car company).
hoover vaccuums
not exactly the most logical combination of style and content (unless i'm missing something and hoover has gone into spacecraft production), but a clean, professional, technical feeling interface.
charlotte street
a uk based info/community portal for women & families. clean interface, highly functional application built in flash. attractive dynamic interface that doesn't make you seasick. produced by associated new media (, the online division of the daily mail and generaltrust.
compound heavy industries
new york based newmedia agency shows off their stuff with a slick technical interface and some nice flash promo pieces for ibm's ebusiness campaign.
nice looking flash search engine. good integration with a db backend.
a broadband search agent that finds high bandwidth content on the web for you. uses a slick flash4 intereface to guide you around. one of the authors of the flash 4 bible (idg books) that i contributed to works on this site.
amoeba corp
toronto, canada, based print design company. beautiful experimental interface done by another company in toronto that's now out of business. clients include the toronto maple leafs hockey team and canadian youth tv station "ytv".
uk-based interactive tv content provider. nice vectory transitions with classy scanline effects.
hyper style cartoony greeting card site. fun intuitive gamey interface elements that come out and grab you. build a multimedia greeting card to send to someone as a packaged cd-rom.
etalent gate
some really nice design, and elegant, unique transitions. suzanne terhorst teamed up with flasher ze frank to create this site for a web employment agency that matches
digital freelancers and agencies.
the ever-so-savvy online version of the stylish lifestyle magazine. very unique slick and modern looking transitions and effects. done by berlin based i-d media who also did living screen.
smithsonian natural history web: african voices
a clean encyclopedia style site by terra incognita. nice active use of flash to bring the interface alive, and some interesting scripting tricks here to keep the navigation in synch with the browser's back button. mark baltzegar, one of the site's developers, had an interesting comment on how the interface simulates the museum environment: "In the exhibit, visitors navigate the exhibit-space by means of 'visual draws'. An object or photo captures their attention, so they move closer to read the accompanying text."
wireframe studio
a web design company's site. delicious retro/modern video-gamey feel with very punchy responsiveness and a healthy minimalist horizontal slider. also has the requisite actionscript physics demos. doesn't seem to like netscape.
candy-coated techno-toon interface by kerb, a uk based web agency. i like how intuitive the whole thing is to use, even though it's all icons without words. menus float in and out, visually reminding you of their function. nice interface sound interaction as well.
lucid circus
this philadelphia-based web design company has a slick site with all the requisite vectory-techno-hip elements. what sets it apart is the nice 3d surprise you get in the menu transitions.
:: ::
tom santoriello, a designer at neoplanet, presents a selection of his work and design in this illustrative 3d os style portfolio site.
beautifully illustrated 3d interface with some truly unique surprises.
james baker & the gang over at this slick web/flash shop in nyc have been doing flash since the beginning. the latest version of their own site is a unique combo of html style done in flash.
subtle transitions and navigation tools set this site apart from the general button clutter of the web. a nice example of interface design providing mood and experience. of course, it's always worth absorbing a gallery of g. klimt...interface or not...
fein design
this residential home design firm scored themselves a nice clean 3-d interface in a style you usually find reserved for "flash experiment" sites. nice subtle touches like shadows on boxes and a colour slider. understated techno rollover sounds too. i'm still wondering where you download the .flas ;)
novel nested boxes that expand and contract, leading to the sections of the site down fractal-like pathways. surprisingly usable and speedy.
the jerusalem archaeological park
a clean encyclopedia-style site with a pleasing elastic interface. notable sections are the timeline and the various interactive maps. the site documents an archaeological attraction in jerusalem.
: fourm. 2.0 :
erik natzke's pro-gig is fourm design. this site shows off some liquid feeling interface with minimalist gray windows. it also sports fun to play with kinetic scroll and menu mechanisms.
maverick records
the wddg produced this all-flash zine-style site for well known label maverick records. one of the heavier content-driven flash sites you'll find these days...includes lots of articles, a store, polls, music, and videos. the patented wddg design sense suits the content well.
director : phil brown
a wonderfully designed airport arrival narrative/experience (dare i say "intro"?) that blends into the navigation of the site. clean vector illustrations laced with striking photography and liquid mask transitions.
2advanced studios
new york based web agency with a slick electric site. beautiful monochromatic austere design and hyper responsive interface with silky transitions.
may 1st reboot
threeoh's 2002 website redesign event was curated by paul szypula of the minimalist elastic interface is probably the most pleasing combination of technology, design, and interface i've seen to date. forget the participants, go look at the reboot site! you only have until 2003.

flash graphic design->

suction prahjex (nyc) 2.X
neat experimentalish design. high-tech arty stuff.
h e l i o z i l l a
web design company with lots of clients in the music industry. neat-as-spit arty design. mostly little narratives with the odd bit of company info thrown in.
a bit of design for design's sake. decent collection of collage/type design pieces by jimmy chen. feels more like a moving print mag than a website.
p l a y l i f e
benetton's active lifestyle site. very pleasing to look at. judicious use of flash techniques with traditional html/javascript tricks.
a culture ezine with some attractive design elements in their interface.
periodic posting of flash experiments not unlike the remedi project. actually one of combine's pieces was posted there. maintained by george larou and andy slopsema, who have also done some work for dreamworks records.
father business
a clean techno style site with some great incorporation of video style effects. unique feeling flash. "father business" is a dutch casting and coaching bureau (according to ronald, one of the site's creators at limage dangereuse).
showcase site for gmunk studios, a one-man internet and print design studio run by bradley grosh. heavy stressed out techno work that includes personal experiments and art as well as client pieces.
john mark sorum | photographer
what do you get when you combine stylish photography with the wddg? a fucking slick site, that's what. enjoy the highly unique transitions between photos and the subtle touches like sounds that fade out when you move between sections.

flash applications-> how a car works
cool little app that lets you explore the components of a car...uses animation to show the car's parts working.
originally a gratuitous self promotional site for a web design company in san francisco, balthaser has become an online website-creation wizard application for the html/flash impaired.
small blue printer
a house design tool. you create house plans, then view them in 3d (iso or regular) and print the plans. created by david doull.
chicago symphony orchestra seat selector
a simple but effective app for choosing a seat when buying a ticket online. shows views from each section during selection.
a nice little flash 6 drawing program created by branden hall.
total internet id
a hosting company where you build your own website in flash using a fairly elaborate authoring application.
a flash-based bookmark manager, calendar, notepad, and email viewer.
broadmoor room reservations
a full-featured hotel booking application connected to a room availability/cost database. flash 5+
oddcast host workshop
build your own animated cartoon head that talks and looks around. pick a character, outfit, color, hair type, mouth size, etc etc. lots of features. the end result is actually commercial...a so called "virtual host" that can be put on a website to guide visitors through the site's information.

impressive actionscript->

some nice experiments with text. and design. has to have the coolest guest book ever--it records the keys you type and you watch them replayed exactly as you typed them. ok its neater than it sounds. go try it.
flash 4 scripting engine demonstration - 3d cellular phone
self-proclaimed 3d flash master "manoone" (manuel clement) shows the neat tricks you can do with a little scripting in flash 4. spin a cellular phone on 2 axes, and choose what it looks like and displays.
avalon chat
a basic chat app written in flash 4. created by daniel votino of the flash brothers design group.
a simple drag'n'drop puzzle. has an interesting 3d aspect to it. by dominik lamar who runs a small multimedia company in germany,
flash doodle
an experimental basic paint program that uses duplicate movie clip to simulate drawing with a brush. by mike chambers and paul arce (hexdesign).
flash 4 game: a basic version of a space fighter in the style of galaxians or space invaders.
action fighter
flash 4 fighting game by spooky & the bandit. modelled after mortal kombat and street fighter, this simple web adaptation pushes flash programming to its limits. the fighters actually have decent a.i. considering the whole thing is built with *no* arrays and nearly no built-in math support. :)
:: a t m o s p h e r e g r a f i k ::
canadian web company that did their site like a computer app with draggable windows etc etc. lots of scripting tricks to look at here.
andy foulds
an interesting series of interface and interaction experiments by andy foulds, indie flash developer in the uk.
a 3d shape viewer
a computer science student at moscow state university made this 3d rendering engine all in flash 4. complete with lighting and draggable points. it even imports 3ds files...
cleopatra art group
russian flasher dennis ivanov serves up periodic experiments in actionscript. quite a lot to explore here--the usual bouncing balls and visual effects, plus some unique stuff.
swedish flashers eva råberg and niklas gustavsson offer actionscript experiments and tutorials ala praystation. mostly visuals/physics/math based. very stylish.

flash art/experimentation->

light of speed
david crawford's really decent experiments in animation with flash and other web stuff. stands apart from lots of the uses of flash 3.
"BLINK" was a flash/animation gallery by halfempty, a net culture art fashion etc ezine. BLINK had refreshing, raw experiments in flash animation. BLINK has changed's now an open forum for flash experiments by anyone. you can still see some of the creator's stuff though...look for james paterson.
k o n i q _alinear _digital // protosite
nyc flasher neil voss's attractive experiments in motion trails and other stuff. also an exhibition space for his personal and freelance work.
joshua davis, flash developer at kioken design, post his thoughts, creativity, and flash experiments here. pleasing design and interesting applications of flash scripting. year 1 of praystation was josh's interpretation of the effects of video games on visual expression. now praystation provides more general art content. josh also maintains, which is of a similar vein.
a beautifully-housed collection of multimedia pieces on various topics. very very slick use of halftone patterns and masks that really give a liquid feel to the intro sequence. the main interface is like a living mondrian...lines and squares in an abstract patter that arrange themselves to reveal choices.
a beautiful collection of prints displayed through a highly engaging flash interface. great scripting, beautiful and imaginative animations dropped over the prints, and a big whack of savvy in the whole piece. produced by james patterson of half-empty, and some friends.
art&culture, the san francisco-based ezine/portal, provides this aesthetically pleasing series of multimedia essays on the phenomenon they call immersion: being obsessed and completely preoccupied by something.
an online gallery of flash animation and toys by hoss gifford, founder of scotland's flammable jam ( fun stuff by a funny fucker. hoss works with brian limond, who does
.....:::::bzor t-12:::::.....
kenneth austin's personal experiments with fractals and artificial life patterns. nice to look at, fun to play with.
a series of visual scripting experiments. pleasing to view, and a neat plane-schematics interface.
marc taeger
marc taeger, a traditional media artist in barcelona, spain, combines flash with his illustrations, sculpture, and paintings in this expressive piece.
nearly a hundred individual flash pieces linked together by graphic elements. it's tempting to call these flash paintings or moving prints, but neither label seems quite right. actually i like experiencing art that hasn't been named ryan klak
a series of flash and graphic design experiments. also includes some "work" samples (logos, etc). by nando costa, a senior designer at james baker's
true is true
flash experiments in design by mike cina. see also mike's extensive collection of static design work at (includes his designs for the cover of the font gang).
.: valence
a series of digital montages, designs, and animations tied together with an organic cube tree. created by the digital entertainment company kpe. . . . . . . . .
a motion-based interactive sound machine by james tindall, creator of addictive, beautiful.
[ n a t z k e ]
erik natzke's personal playground. erik explores mostly the generation of visual content with programming. some beautiful mask effects and various particle systems and typographic programmatic designs. electric interface and so sweet style. well worth exploring.
a series of short, interactive, visual/audio art pieces done in flash. glossy style & nice beats. one of the few "flash experiment" sites that makes a deliberate attempt at artistic statements. submethod is produced by: sean foyle, mike young, mr d77, and npfc.
brian limond's palace of self fucking expression. some neat uses of flash, interesting content.
curious media
a series of animated shorts, paintings, ideas, and visual media by randy jamison. beautiful polished work with an uncanny amount of fresh innovation. unique "look under the curtain" interface.
sound of design
a collection of scripted visual experiments, plus custom fonts, design work, and generally a personal web playground. nice looking with an interesting slide'n'throw interface. maintained by ty lettau of fourm design (co-owned by erik natzke of ty also did the fein design architecture site listed under interface design. you may have to set your resolution to 800x600...this is another non-scaling tiny font site.
an arist collective site for a drum'n'bass crew including dieselboy, ak1200, and dara. enveloping soundscape with submethodesque design. what i find interesting about this site is that it's an unmediated, personal publication of the artists' ideas and mission. i'd like to see more experimenation with sound here, but that may come in time.
while this site's experiments are as attractive as the next site's (in the bouncing ball, 3d-physics, worm-like creature vein), its interface is what impresses me. it's a simple box that resizes smoothly as you move from section to section. the navigation is a mobile list of items that reconfigure themselves when you select them. lovely work.
geoff stearns explores programmatic visual art and concepts. geoff has also exhibited his work at the new media underground festival. much of deconcept to date deals with kaleidoscopes and 3d. in one piece, you can watch the seconds of geoff's life tick by as the screen counts up his age.
beautifully designed open source experiments in computational art and gui by jared tarbell. well thought out explanations and presentation. pieces include fractal style visuals, isometric views, user input games, artificial life, visual networks, rotational structures, etc.
an collection of art and design experiments by leo mariño, from barcelona, spain. started in september 2001.
|¦ katuso |¦|
a collection of sound/motion pieces exploring various concepts. uses flash as a medium for ideas and expression more than for visual fx. fresh style, great remix of morning has broken.
a beautiful myst-style adventure but for an other-worldly tiny animated man. see spaceship rendered as tree stumps and sausage cans; catch fish to get a bird to take you where you need to go; lose yourself in this interactive dreamscape. gorgeous.

flash experience/entertainment->

pepsi world
one of the first large scale mainstream entertainment sites made almost completely with flash and shockwave. updated all the time. content focuses mainly on pop culture.
arty experiments with the medium spliced with snipits of text/poetry(?)
the remedi project
an attractive and professional collection of web-art experiments. the name comes from "REdefining the Medium through DIscovery". some truly unique uses of flash. one of the artists (josh ulm) is also a designer at quokka sports, a web shop that is often profiled by macromedia. maintained by second story interactive.
create your own fireworks
a somewhat bizarre site that lets you choose a city backdrop and then click firework launchers to see fireworks displayed against the city. novel.
sonicnet flashradio
a flash/real player based broadcast site with multiple music channels. listen to music while watching flash animations and reading news.
neat interface and entertaining flash animation/qt movies. here's their site write-up:
"manifestival is an online cinema
festival created off the love and sweat of a handful of people all over the globe. the bi-annual festival, running for five weeks, is created by affiliates who are organizations and companies for the film, digital video,
and web industries."
a hiphop/groove toon & animation & music entertainment site. full on flash in your face.
wise, non-gratuitous use of flash that exposes a product by involving the viewer in mini-narratives. by todd purgason and the gang at juxt interactive. todd says he had to kick and scream to get the client to allow for the limited interactivity in the piece. apparently they are still thinking in the linear terms of tv.
m o s q u i t o
the website for the swedish tv animated tv show mosquito. done by paregos. yeah, this one goes full screen, but it's beautiful and highly immersive. wicked anime/techno style and lots of toys in the interface. includes dj mixing stations and other show promo materials.
becoming human
a web documentary tracing the scientific theory of human evolution. heavy in content presented with tv-style narration and imagery crossed with a cd-rom style interactivity. make sure you visit evidence: exhibit 3 - "explore a dig"'s the most interesting application of the Sound object i've seen to date (april11/2001). produced by terra incognita.
broken saints
a 24-episode graphic novel merging ancient asian-influence settings with the near-future modern day world. most of the story is told with static (or semi-animated) slides of artwork overlaid with narrative and dialog text. decent story (if you're into the graphic novel genre), and there's hours of high-quality content here. created by switch interactive and budget monks productions. story by brooke burgess, artwork by andrew west, flash by ian kirby.
the skyscraper
skyscraper is an electronic lounge with toys, a spatial chat, messaging, flash tutorials, and experiments. created by paregos, a swedish interactive firm. the design is modern illustrative 3d, ala volumeone or mtv2. beautiful, crisp job.
lego's new line features a spooky, take-over-your-system simulated o/s site. explore and try to figure out what's going style. by the inimitable wddg.
dream domain (aka bugworld)
a virtual landscape with rooms and bug avatars representing users. have a video chat or drop your video message for others to see later. flash 6 requried.
mvmax: kelso
kelso is a half-hour, interactive, made-for-flash tv-show. every minute or so, you choose a branch in the story, much like the "choose your own adventure" style novel.....if you enter the room, turn to page 13, if not, turn to page 98, etc. not really my cup of tea, but one of the first full-length interactive flash videos i've seen. requires flash 6 (because of the embedded video).

flash ecommerce->

the blair witch store
a store for the movie with an interesting drag'n'drop shopping cart done by patrick mullady. the store is now closed, but patrick has it posted on his personal site.
some elements of this stylish clothing/lifestyle site are done in flash. it launched with more flash content but seems to have adopted dhtml for most of the shopping cart system.
w w w .fudge. c o m
sales of hair products. one of the first e-commerce flash sites. you browse the products in flash, then actually make the purchase in a separate html window.
ted baker
a clean-looking online store for clothes by uk designer-retailer, ted baker.

just funny or noteworthy->

one of my favourite(tm) flash sites of all time. a not so subtle parody of useless flash intros.
welcome to planet plant
there's a teddy bear torture chamber here. what else can I say?
modern homepage
a little spumco-style web infomercial done by ingram labs to promote their web business.
the virtual curry gallery
considering it's the effort of a single person, virtual curry, by jim curry, is a massive collection of animations and games. you can get lost in the zany halls of his museum or house...two venerable examples of flash interactivity from the flash 2 era. jim formerly was a very regular contributor to flasher-l, and still drops by occasionally.

other flash site lists->

one of the best lists of well designed and well implemented flash sites I know of. neat concept--any visitor can suggest a site to add to the current list of sites, then other visitors vote on the sites in the list. and it's all displayed with flash talking to an asp back-end. the challenge is solely maintained by james baker of the wddg, a design company in new york.
flash film festival
an intensely cool collection of some of the world's nicest flash work in all categories (design, animation, interactivity, etc). the fff is a popular vote competition for excellence in flash that was started as part of the flash forward 2000 conference in san francisco.
an attractive, well organized list of exceptional sites, selected by a committee, and rated by users. sites span commercial to creative, in a
variety of technologies (which you can use to filter the list). maintained by london-based media agency "preloaded".

flash developer info ->

general flash help/info ->

flash kit
started by mark fennell in the fall of 1999, sydney australia's flashkit was one of the first high quality flash help sites to come around for a long while. a good all around resource for developers, designers, and even advanced flash programmers. lots of community stuff, free sounds, etc. tons of sample fla files to work through. flashkit was acquired by in the spring of 2000, but they kept mark at the helm.
launched early 2001, ultrashock is an extremely promising looking site. it's a collective effort by a bunch of high-end developers (joshua davis, branden hall, jason krough, james baker, etc) in cooperation with and lots of current news from the flash world, great tutorials, great source files, good selection of resources, all packaged in a slick looking site that actually uses flash to present some of its content. absolutely worth exploring. hopefully it will keep its momentum...
probably the oldest serious flash developer help site on the web mostly died in the spring of 2000. flashzone was originally started by brandon wolf, clinton mcleay, and david emberton. later, branden hall, chrissy rey, and a bunch of other flash enthusiasts joined the effort. it grew from an assorted bunch of tutorials into a full blown news and help zine. in early 2000, david emberton (author of flash 4 magic) began writing for c|net and flashzone became the property of the shockfusion guys, after which it promptly fell apart. no new content as of november 2000, but there's some decent older stuff to poke through.
moock>> web>> flash
some lame ass shit about flash. not sure who the hell this joker is...
macromedia - flash support
help for flash from the makers of the product. notable content is the searchable "tech notes" section which is added to regularly by macromedia support staff, and the "developer's center" for tutorials and references. if you're wondering whether or not your problem has been addressed before, start by searching the tech notes. they are exhaustive.
flashcentral technotes
john croteau's list of technical references for flash. most of the references are actually technotes on macromedia's support site or other sites around the web. john stopped maintaining this resource midway through the life of flash 4. some older articles are still useful.
christian's tutorials on flash techniques (things like animating buttons). downloads of .fla files, and reasonable tutorials on some approaches to flash effects. christian can also be found as a contributor on flasher-l.
flash world (brazilian help site)
looks like a decent help site (though i can't read most of the content cause it's in portugese...)
another brazilian flash help site. also looks good. also can't read it ;)
flash and webtv
webtv's info source for developers who are making flash content and want it to be webtv compatible.
macromedia: sites devoted to flash and flash developers
macromedia's list of flash help sites. not always up to date with the *latest* sites, but always links to established, good sites.
spanish flash tutorials
a spanish help site that covers the flash fundamentals with samples and tutorials.
you're here, were here
launched in the fall of 99, were-here has an extensive message board system that serves a thriving web-based flash dev community. you'll also find example .fla files and lots of tutorials, plus news on the flash scene. maintained by aaron adams.
flash enabled's mobile info
phillip torrone, author of _flash & generator demystified_, maintains this site for flash developers targetting handheld devices. lots of news, info, and mobile-friendly content. phillip knows his shit inside and out.
pope de flash
flash kit moderator bill spencer (aka"pope de flash") manages this flash 3d resouce, community, and help site. content includes flash and 3d tool tutorials, regular news on 3d tools and innovations, galleries, extensive community boards, and free models.

flash community->

flasher-l is the primary source of professional flash development discussion. many of the participants run flash help sites, many produce high profile sites with flash, and macromedia product management & tech support often joins in. flasher-l is the hub of the flash community. it's a high-volume list though (averaging 50-100 posts a day), so it can get a little noisy in your inbox.
best of flasher-l
an adapted archive of the flasher-l listserv that distills hundreds of useful faqs from posts to the group and offers them up for browsing or searching. look here first for answers to your question before you post to the list. service provided unofficially by the staff of i-technica, washington dc based web shop.
flasher-l archive
the sometimes-updated archive of the flasher-l listserv. right now you'll only see july and august 99 here, but theoretically this will be the home of the archive when it's working.
macromedia.flash (nntp newsgroup)
macromedia.flash is the official macromedia-hosted usenet newsgroup for flash discussion. to view it you have to add "" to your nntp services in your mail or news reader. this group is really high volume, but is frequented by macromedia tech support daily. great resource, just a bit noisy.
onelist: flashmacromedia
the searchable archives for the onelist flash listserv.
flashmacromedia listserv
a list started in june 1999 by joe copfer as a professional alternative to flasher-l, which sometimes get a lot of white noise. moderated.
flasher discussion group
a single long web message board for flash developers. well used. no registration required.
flash talk
every wednesday evening, john croteau of flash central hosts an informal developer's chat session here. mostly frequented by flasher-l members.
flashcoders listserv archive
branden hall maintains this actionscript-focused email list, hosted by fig leaf software. branden is a solid actionscripter with a good non-flash programming background. he's been hacking away with flash since the early days of the product. flashcoders was started in august 2000.
chris magregor's daily news/scoop/commentary site on the flash scene. lots of interesting information and opinion. also provides a voice to individuals through community membership and user feedback systems for all articles. good info, straight up.
nmuf (new media underground festival)
a semi-regular gathering of digital artists for exhibiting work, playing music, and enjoying a little real life contact. tends to follow the flash forward conference around. definitely worth attending if you get the chance.
flashdevils community
message boards, news, tutorials, and .fla files for learning. full featured site launched in may 2002. not unlike
flash goddess
profiles of and interviews with top female flash designers and developers. nice to see this group get some direct attention for once. maintained by ann-marie cheung.


flashforward conference
flash-centric conference first held in 2000, put on several times a year by lynda weinman & uda. part training, part inspiration, this was the first serious conference catering to the international flash community. historically, macromedia has chosen flash forward as a venue to sneak/release new versions of flash. locations include san francisco, new york, and europe (london and amsterdam so far...).
online/offline flash film annual gathering of net artists (especially flashers) in barcelona, spain. great presentations, great vibe. offf describes itself as a "platform for web development, net art, experimental music, and new audio-visual languages.
deutsche flashconference
a european flash conference held in stuttgart, germany. involves macromedia attendance and mostly development oriented sessions.
canada's first flash conference and festival, held in toronto (my home town). fairly wide focus on design, development, and inspiration, with a special interest in canadian content. managed by shawn pucknell, of first held in march 2002.
flash festival en france
a french flash conference, web jam, and film festival. first held in may 2002.
held in minneapolis, minnesota, usa, this relatively small annual conference was first held in 2004. it primarily serves the flash community of the midwestern united states.
powered by detroit
a general conference covering flash and cold fusion, based in detroit (north-eastern usa). first held in april 2005.

flash programming info->

flash detection->

moock fpi's discontinued flash player detection script.
mm technote: browser support for flash detection
a nice table listing which platform/browser combinations can detect which plugin/activex control. also a bit of sample activex detection code.
mm technote: how to detect the shockwave plugin or activex control
two sample vb scripts for detecting shockwave and flash.
mm technote: how to remove the flash activex control
explains how to rid your ie (windows only) of the flash activex control. in netscape you can do the same by deleting npswf32.dll from your plugins directory.
archived flash players
download most of the old versions of the flash player for testing purposes. as of april 15, 2000, minor versions (like r7, r20, etc) still haven't been posted for some reason. the old players were made available after some kicking and screaming by flash developers on flasher-l listserv.

flash + databases->

free lightweight generator-style tool for creating dynamic flash sites.
corda / popchart
popchart produces dynamic graphs in flash (and other things) from external data.
[kessels] flashdb
a snappy little freeware database utility for flash, written in perl. converts data sent from flash (via "load variable") to a flat file, then allows retreival of that file. not appropriate for heavy-duty db interaction, but just right for small stuff. intallation and clear usage instructions written by the author, jeroen kessels.
a free java alternative to macromedia's generator, written by dmitry skavish. jgenerator is an open source project that duplicates nearly every feature of the real generator, even to the point of using authoring extensions (generator objects) to create templates. you can use it to create flash files dynamically from assets in a database, on a server, or in text files.


flash for programmers
james smith's presents his flash programming articles, tutorials, components, and blog here. interesting reading.
ger's flash experiments
A collection of actionscript code by holland's gerrit hobbelt, who comes to flash with a deep c/c++ background. interesting insights from a traditional programmer doing flash work. includes both nitty-gritty utility type code (random sequence generator, event model rewrites) and applied examples such as laying out a word match maze, and a circular preloader.
zinc roe
toronto-based flasher "jason krogh" offers up some actionscript examples and source files for the dev. community. jason teaches flash classes locally in toronto.
a general help site with good info on producing cds with flash and doing other scripty things with flash. maintained by chrissy rey, who's also a member of flasher-l.
this site started out as "the.home," thomas leitch's detailed instructions on communicating between flash 4 and a server side script (perl or asp) with actionscript. his main examples were a chat app, mail forms, and hits counters. thomas also does contract work for ego media ( the site has since become "flashwave" a portal for high-end flash actionscripting.
flashlite's libraries
branden hall provides his libraries for trig and square root calculations.
code66 flash experiments
some actionscript demos with sample .fla files. things like mouse trails, drag'n'drop, variable setting.
brandon williams and ethan kennedy's flash experiments
A large collection of advanced math-based ActionScript demos. Dozens of sample .fla files available for study covering the topics of 3d, fractals, and many visual physics effects. Includes in-depth articles on math-based programming in Flash.
brendan dawes > headshop
flash experiments with actionscript by brendan dawes. clocks, typography, motion, visuals, sound. high quality stuff. brendan's the author of _drag, slide, fade_ (actionscript for designers) and contributed to _new masters of
lots of regularly updated info on flash development. includes good link lists for inspiration and learning, interviews with well-known flashers, observations of interesting threads in various web communities, studies, experiments, and tutorials. solid stuff for a one-man show. too bad it's yet another site that hard-wires the fucking css font size so you can't scale the tiny type. maintained by guy watson, who promises he's going to fix the css...
andre michelle
high quality math, 3d, game, and music code samples. the port of donkey kong is near perfect. and there's some nice 3d showing off dynamic sphere tesselation.
free video instruction on actionscript 2.0, design patterns and flash. created by robert taylor.


macromedia exchange
macromedia's official site for trading components. offers user submitted components as well as macromedia's own official component sets.
a repository of good quality components curated by components can be previewed, discussed, and downloaded in .zip or extension manager format. all component submissions are moderated.
a site of flashmx components created by the developer community. post your component or browse those posted by others. started by josh dura and keran mckenzie.
beam jive components
a full suite of flash gui components intended as an alternative to the macromedia v2 component set.
ghostwire components
another full suite of flash gui components intended as an alternative to the macromedia v2 component set.
flashrelief flash components
flashrelief started in 2005 with a useful component, "tablemaker" that simulates html tables in flash.
metaliq components (mCOM)
a full suite of commercial UI components produced by grant skinner and beau ambur. US$399 as of september 2005.

libraries and extensions->

A community-based website for posting extensions to ActionScript's built-in classes (in other words, new methods and properties for things like String, Array, and XML). There are hundreds of submissions, many of which are very useful.
jon williams' general purpose actionscript library. provides tools for basic 2d physics, plus utilities for xml, loading movies, running frame loops, etc. well documented with plenty of examples.
jon williams' code base for an xml-configurable hierarchical list (i.e. a dynamic multi-tiered menu system).
a random assortment of libraries for flash development. includes visual tools such as skewing and spinning, object enhancements like sound pan control, plus utilities like timers, loaders, easing equations and distance calculators. jpeg2swf
another interesting flash application by claus wahlers: a jpeg2swf converter that claus uses to power a flash web cam in flash 4. the cam runs off a linux server which automatically converts jpegs to .swf files (c source code for the conversion is posted). note that as of flash mx, you can load .jpeg files with loadMovie(), so this converter is not required.
flade - flash dynamics engine
alec cove's open source flash 2d physics library. as alec says, flade is "A free library for simulating 2D physics in Flash using Verlet integration. It currently features particles, stick & angular constraints, wheels, and surfaces composed of line segments. Designed primarily for games with a goal of speed and ease of use."


dynamic text box
kevin stumborg shows how to dynamically reflow the text in a flash 5 text field (like a web-browser does when you resize it). impressive trick that not many have figured out. kevin hosts other interesting trinkets here: note that as of flash mx, you can use TextField.autosize to enable text reflow.

flash 3d->

mx3d : flash mc 3d component system
a series of 3d engine components for flash 6. written by ben chun, former mit student, former macromedia engineer.
david colquhoun offers a sample .fla file to show how to handle rendering a 3d cube in flash.

math theory ->

trigonometric functions
good coverage of basic trig functions aimed at visual thinkers. this is just math, not a flash tutorial.
famous curves index
a list of equations that define several dozen popular curves.
basic 2d math
mark feldman's intro to 2d geometry, excerpted from the win95 game programmer's encyclopedia
basic 3d math
mark feldman's intro to 3d geometry, excerpted from the win95 game programmer's encyclopedia activities
shockwave-based interactive demos of basic geometry and trigonometry.
using beziers for programmatic animation and movement contstraints
darrel plant's concise explanation of bezier curve math and ways to apply it to visual programming. darrel's examples are director based, but most of the theory is described in mathematical terms that could be converted to flash.
how to cook 3d in director
che tamahori offers up a tutorial on programmatically generating a 3d cube in director. most of it can be pretty easily translated to actionscript.
galileo and einstein
professor michael fowler's first year physics course on the foundational concepts of mathematical theories discovered by galileo and einstein (amongst other essential topics). includes well written notes for over two dozen lectures. many concepts demonstrated with java applets. fowler teaches at the university of virginia.
the language of kinematics
excellent and detailed physics tutorials explaining the basic concepts of motion: vector vs scalar, speed, displacement, velocity, distance, acceleration. great background reading for programming motion simulations. (see also the other "classroom topics" at
mathtv's trig videos
if you're weary of reading about trigonometry you can sit and listen to patrick mckeague in these real video clips explaining the trig basics. most concepts are explained during the solving of specific math problems.
approximating cubic bezier curves in flash mx
an in-depth article by timothee groleau exploring several techniques for drawing cubic bezier curves programmatically. great interactive demos and information.
A series of articles by Jim Armstrong discussing the mathematics of curves and their representation in ActionScript. Current topics include: Natural Cubic Splines, Hermite Curves, Quadratic Beizer Curve, and Cubic Bezier Curves.

javascript communication->

macromedia's "scripting with flash 4"
macromedia finally posted a decent explanation of fs command, including example syntax and info on the new fs commands introduced with flash 4.
using fscommand (technote 4160)
macromedia's famous, though spartan, reference on using javascript and vbscript with flash. includes a useful list of flash javascript methods.

non-flash programming info->

game developers news and resources, aimed mostly at c++ programmers, but many languages are covered, and there's good relevent information for basic game logic, design, and ai that applies to all platforms.
isometrix resource page
a good collection of articles about programming isometric worlds, mainly for games.

swf file format-> swiff file format info center
copies of the swf spec plus reference code implementations for those doing custom c++ work with the flash player. some great "under the hood" info, plus tools and news. maintained by dave michie.

optimization ->

actionscript optimizations tutorial
an extended article on actionscript optimization techniques.
actionscript performance tests
29 individual demonstrations of speed-saving techniques in actionscript.

3rd party flash tools->
a comprehensive, regularly updated listing of flash-related third party products. visit this site if you can't find what you're looking for here.
makers of add-on tools for projectors to do things like launch an external program, or send email, or customize the flash projector icon. useful stuff for flash cd development. flashjester also make a screensaver utility called creator. all tools are free for non-commercial use.
swiff tools
edwin van rijkom runs this flash related software utility company. offerings as of march 2000 are: "screenweaver", a screen-saver-making tool, the "swf browser", a little freeware utility that extracts .wavs, mp3s, and images from .swf files, "fast", an external actionscript editor for flash 4, and "swiffpeg", an mp3 converter for flash.
flash and quicktime 4
how to add flash to quicktime 4, a decent set of articles by macromedia.
creator of "illustrate", a plugin for 3dstudio max that exports 3d artwork as 2d vectors. flash swf format supported.
makers of a generator alternative called "turbine" which hooks directly into asp.
action clip
a little utility for actionscripting that lets you cut'n'paste hand written actionscript code from a text editor to the actionscript editing window in flash.
ideaworks3d's vecta 3d
a plugin for 3dstudio, and a stand-alone app, for creating 3d images/animation for flash. made by ideaworks3d. (
swifty utilities
utilities for removing protection on .swf files and recovering artwork/layers from .swf files if you've lost your .fla file.
david michie's authoring tool for producing text effects in flash (wave, explode, type, drop-in, etc). produces .swf files that can be imported into flash or loaded with load movie. michie is an active member of the openswf community, and runs
as of early spring, 2000, this is the best 3d flash tool out there. like vecta3d and illustrate, it works as a plugin to 3d studio and produces .swf files from 3d vectors. but it also runs stand alone, and has a much broader range of export options. most 3d artists will love the control over gradients and meshes. produced by electric rain software.
lightweight alternative .swf authoring tool. seems to have interesting shape tweening abilities for character animation. also exports to animated .gif.
adobe livemotion
adobe's swf authoring tool. sports a familiar after-effects style timeline and interface, with a heavy focus on animation. heavier use of bitmaps-for-effects than flash.
actionscript viewer
burak kalayci's tool for viewing the actionscript, structure, and media of a .swf file. can view scripts in any file on the web and can recover lost artwork, sounds, true type fonts, and other .fla file assets. burak also makes the swifty utilities.
named after flash's arch-rival, ming is a php library swf authoring tool that can be used on linux to compose basic flash movies. allows authoring of actionscript in a c-like language that is compiled to actionscript byte code. code monkeys will love it :)
saxess "wave"
a tool for converting xml to to swf via xsl. all done in java. nice results...look at the demo page.
wildform swfx
another text-effect actionscript generator, like swish. creates .swf files to load into your movies. some decent effects...the type of stuff you'd expect from programmatic scaling and rotating...
this little app converts an .exe pc flash projector back to a .swf. might come in handy some day when your hd crashes. made available for free from the good folks at northcode.
xadra's fortress
a server that manages complex multiuser communication systems. it works with flash's xmlsocket (and any other client that speaks the right protocol). includes room metaphors and lots of tools for creating multiuser environments. full featured and comes with extensive, well written documentation.
flash now
a socket server to manage clients in chat or real-time communcations applications. free for 5 clients, $95 for up to 64 clients, free for academic institutions and non-profits. runs on nt or linux. not as full featured as xadra's fortress.
goldshell makes two flash helper products: flashforge and flax. flashforge is a relatively full-featured windows screensaver creation tool that retails for $60us. flax is a real-time text-effects tool like swish or wildform's
swfx, but with fewer effects. it retails for $40us.
swf studio
ottawa, canada based northcode produces "swf studio", a screen-saver, standalone projector, cd-development tool for flash. it competes on most levels with flashjester. notable features include system tray support, direct smtp email connection, and organic shaped projectors.
mediatweak - flash and shockwave tracking
mediatweak offers a tracking service for flash and shockwave movies. in flash, a small movie is loaded onto a level which reports to a server when predefined or custom events occur (eg. movie finishes loading, user makes their first click, etc). mediatweak hosts the stats-gathering scripts and provides live graphs and data. there's a setup fee of about $400CAN, plus a per-movie charge for the tracking.
wildform flix
flix is a simple tool used to convert video, audio, and image files into .swf files. includes several useful conversion tools, such as streaming rate and separate audio/video conversion selection. synchs sound with video. at $99, flix is a welcome replacement for costly manual labour.
Swocket is a cross-platform modular XML Socket server framework implemented in Python with the intention of being used to communicate with Macromedia Flash 5 content but is easily usable with other platforms that support the same flavor of XML Sockets. this is an opensource effort by the wddg's bob ippolito.
a tracking tool for flash movies. tracks paths through flash movies, flash performance (cpu), connection speed, hits, flash version, and all the normal http access log stuff like top entry/exit pages, etc. quite solid (i beta tested this one).
an easy to use, commercial smartclip for making, well, 3d spinning boxes (and other 3d stuff). nicely put together. could save a lot of hassle when you just need that 3d nike shoe in a hurry. created by globz.
an actionscript library for manipulating xml data using the w3c's xpath specification. primarily used to convert complex xml into native actionscript data structures with minimal effort. created by yechezkal gutfreund.
swfXXL(flash to fullscreen tool)
swfXXL uses directx to play back .swf files at fullscreen with no performance loss. for windows only. apparently even does fullscreen video well. other typical projector options are also included (hiding mouse, custom icon, disable windows keys).
use javadoc style comments to automatically generate flash documentation for classes and components. creates the xml files required to add your documentation to the actions panel and reference panel. wicked.
swf scanner
retrieve images, sound, and code from a .swf file. great if you've lost the .fla for a project. by livetronix.
swf convert
batch create .swf files from bitmaps, sounds, and movies.
a set of flash mx components that bind directly to server-side data sources (xml, flash remoting, .net, soap). by cybersage. [NOTE: cybersage was acquired by macromedia in may 2003.]
generate reference panel documentation for components via inline code comments. kinda like javadoc, but the output is tailored to the flash actions panel and reference panel, not web pages. [NOTE: this product is no longer offered. cybersage was acquired by macromedia in may 2003.]
screenweaver mx
a fully fledged development tool and api for turning flash movies into desktop applications. spawn windows, write to files, put icons in the system tray, edit the registry, all from actionscript. extensive features and thorough documentation. created by rubberduck.
a very nice (and very free) external actionscript editing tool. by ale muñoz.
a uml diagramming tool written in flash by grant skinner. it exports flash and html documentation for your app's architecture, and even produces class stub code. very handy, and an impressive flash application.
de flash
a lightweight .swf decompiler that can extract actionscript, images, mp3, vectors and shapes from a swf file. as of june 2003, priced very economically at US$12. see also actionscript viewer, above.
kinetic fusion
Java tool that can convert a .swf file to XML and back again (or from XML to SVG). looks pretty handy for doing server-side programmatic modifications to a .swf file, or for translation from .swf to another file format.
a component set for creating os-style windows, menus, task bars and other UI elements. free for non-commercial use. created by joe rinehart.
An open source alternative to Flash Remoting, developed for PHP. Pass data between Flash and PHP, and invoke methods on a PHP class transparently from Flash.
a dj mixing tool that connects audio signals to flash movies for realtime sound visualization.
Shows all HTTP traffic sent through a browser or Flash. Displays AMF (Flash Remoting) data in a human-readable format for debugging. Offers bandwidth throttling. By Kevin Langdon.
amayeta swf encrypt 3.0
a code obfuscator designed to prevent your code from being stolen by someone with a .swf file decompiler.
mdm | capture
a screen recording tool that outputs recordings in flash format. for example, you could record someone using dreamweaver or microsoft word, and output their actions to a .swf file. perfect for creating online product tutorials or demonstrations. supports voiceover recording.
mdm | zinc
a full-featured flash projector creator that can be used for simple things such as a window skinning and transparency to complex things such as vb-style forms-based development and os integration. works on both mac and pc.

web art / diversions->

dia center for the arts, new york, ny
the classic ascii-experimental website. it's gotten pretty hard core over the years. maintained by Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans
carnegie hall: zimmermann's requiem for a young poet
poetic ascii art animated with dhtml
another non-linear collection of thoughts, images, sounds, moving stuff, and narrative. includes some neat flash work.
amazing html + javascript opening sequence. never quite seen medium converted into content with such success.
a nice big collection of artist's experiments with the web medium
echosystem: digital band
music, visual, and animated web-art pieces. lots of flash, qt, dhtml, and the usual links to arty websites (you know, like the ones in this section...)
mostly java based visual experiments. "the short-cut" could entrance judith zissman for hours.
modern living
a biweekly animated art piece. vectorized surreal figure transformations depicting the artists visions and dreams. mostly done in flash. by han hoogerbrugge.
t h e s q u a r e r o o t o f - 1
hundreds of stylish shockwave eye candies. wonderful to watch and play with. one of the finer mixes of art and technology on the web these days. (thanks to judth again...)
by amaze, a site full of director games and visual entertainment. (from judith)
digital arts and crafts. a series of online experiments (mainly in flash) and reviews of shows the site maintainers go to.
web experiments by croatian, vuk cosic, done in the jodi vein (using the browser + html/javascript as a medium). here's my fave: vuk was also president of the net art contest, hosted by mi2 multimedia institut in zagreb croatia.
s u m e a
two independent finnish designer/programmers doing visual experiments. impressive 3d java demos, and a nice lookin site.
nofrontiere { nofrontierans }
an amazing little web community piece (done in java) where you can draw little vector creatures and have them morph into creatures others have done. thanks to kim over at alphanumerica for sharing this one.
andy deck's compelling collaborative pixel paint/ascii art/chat environment written in java. this will be fun for you. go enjoy. if you're lucky you'll see andy himself online.
a collection of commentary and experimentation on the web by russian web designer alexei shulgin (who's in the same crowd as vuk cosic).
neat looking flash site that didn't have any content when i visited but was intriguing enough to bookmark cause i might want to take another look sometime. (oct. 12 1999)
a whole truckload of homepage designs and arty experiments in graphic/web design. thx judith.
expo 01 - communimage
such a cool collaborative web app: you reserve a space in a quilt of user-submitted images and add to the growing pattern that can be viewed as a tiny mosaic, or zoomed to show the actual pics. works in french, english, and german.
a web interface-as-art design piece.
course on web art
taught by natalie bookchin, these are the lecture notes, resources, and links. excellent collection for learning about web art.
00:00:00: shane cooper, interactive web art
an independent multimedia artist's site. decent little apps and imagery. the artist also does installations in rl galleries.
various projects and experiments. nice looking.
onedotzero: digital film | digital moving image
london (england) based online/interactive/installation type cinema festival.
a grassroots quarterly art piece put together by a small design group based in amsterdam the netherlands. the group advertises the site with posters in the streets of amsterdam. marco de boer, one of the site's creators, pointed out the site to me after using several of the techniques from my flash help page. really nice design sense. fun, refreshing, thoughtful.
a personal releasetheneedtocreateneetstuff art project by a group of web designers based mostly in germany. high quality dhtml (looked to me like golive + hand coding) and clever savvy attractive content. the sites from which each of the contributors originates are interesting too.
aesthetics + computation group :: mit media laboratory
mit's aesthetics + computation group (acg) one of mit's labs for experimentation in computer based expression, this group investigates the combination of design and programming on both a theoretical and a practical level. lots of interesting reading and visuals to experience (the students' and teacher's work is posted). lead by designer/programmer/author john maeda. thanks for the link, judith...
100 black boxes
uk novelist alistair gentry presents his hypertext fiction about 100 people living their final moments in a plane crash. neat design and writing.
pretty digital culture ezine with editorials, links, essays, digitalart, soundtracks, design resources (typefaces, photoshop brushes, etc).

i just like these->

earth and moon viewer
extensive live images of the earth from outer space. views from above most large world cities, plus lots of other options.
anime cafe home page
reviews, listings and explanations for japanese animated movies.
the hampster dance
a certified waste of bandwidth
a truly wired house...a guy hooked his fridge, doorbell, trashcan, toilet, and cat up to the net. get stats on and pics of the things he's wired.
grid models
this guy maintains an info/fan page on GRiD Systems Corporation's products. GRiD patented and made the first laptop.
a chronology of computer history
extensive year by year list of notable computer history events. pure and simple.
compass camera
toronto traffic reports via live webcams
independent game developer/artist mike linkovich maintains his paintings, games, and online community at try your oldskool skillz at spacejack for windows, an addictive 2d shooter with wicked soundtracks, online high scores, and demo recording features. also try scrap, a 3d helicopter game, or soulride, an amazing physics-based snowboarding game. mike's community boards let you discuss and review films, games, music, etc. if you're a developer, don't miss the game programming resources for java and c under "games>> resources".
leisure town
an incredibly copious amount of r-rated bendy animal figure comic strips made with live models.
starwars - ascii
truly, truly awesome. the first star wars movie converted to animated ascii art.
conan the barbarian - soundtrack
the whole soundtrack of the barbarian and the destroyer. plus wavs and other sounds.
fading ad campaign
frank jump's effort to photograph as many old ads painted on buildings as he can before they are torn down or covered over. thanks to judith zissman for this one.
welcome to furniture porn!!
my hosting is not free...please click on my sponsor's banner so i don't have to start charging for my site!!!
watching the namespace
steve champeon graphs the live disappearance of two and three letter domain names. (complete with source code).
footbag worldwide information service
the official site for the sport also known as "hackey sack".
judith zissman finally has her own site of cultural, techno, arty observations & experiments, though i'm hoping she'll still send me neat things to explore.
info on urban exploration of restricted areas like tunnels, transit systems, tall buildings, abandoned sites, etc. recounts adventures with photos and explains how to go there.
one man's personal voyage through irony and satire. damn this stuff is pretty funny. mostly full of animations that pick on annoying pop-culture phenomena. famous for the now-banned teletubby fun land, and the hampster dance assassination game. created by tom fulp
underman's 2001: the hal transcripts
every word spoken by the hal 9000 computer in kubrick's 2001 (and 2010 if you care about that).
you go to blogger, you provide a web page template, you create chronological entries whenever you want, and blogger posts them to your own site via ftp. damn.
convert an image on your site to magnificent colour ascii art.
classic gaming vault
downloadable roms for all the old arcade and console games. use mame to play.
a web novelty store with a healthy dose of savvy.
real video of home made robots controlled by their creators in fight to the death cage matches.
an elaborate multiplayer shockwave cartoon game with little girl kids who try to humiliate each other at school. funny shit...conceptualized by the staff of
brix builder
a java-based lego building simulation app.
one man's expression of exasperation at the dot coms.
plinko's 404 research lab
praise for the 404 page, plus info, jokes and a list of the best 404's around. if you don't know why i like this, try hitting a broken link on my site...
well designed, hip ezine on sex and sexuality. distinctly 'net feel with modern writing, poetry, and photography.
explodingdog comes to earth
the prolific sam brown offers up daily illustrations of his captioned stick men. some of these are really really funny? cool? philosophical? ? [thanks for pointing this one out judith]
compete against other visitors to be the wisest prognosticator of web-corporation failure.
eric harshbarger's lego pages
eric takes lego sculpting to an excessive level. puts my measly 23 models to shame...
large collection of resources on mame and other console and arcade video game emulators. plenty of links to roms too. arcade@home is a front-end to mame (makes it nicer to load and play the games). don't miss:
send this site your illustrator, freehand, or other artwork and they'll put it on tshirts, mousepads, coffee cups, you name it. *then* they'll let you skin a store front so people can buy your shit. they take a cut, you make some cash, or maybe you just get your favourite design on a mug. pretty cool. (thanks to ben chun for this one :) flight tracker
give flight tracker the name of an airline and a flight number and it'll show you where the flight is right now on a graphical map. sweet. (thanks to jeremy clark for this one...)
bilbana (racing cars)
build an electric car track then race cars around it. solid stuff. (shockwave 8 required)
celebrity crank calls
crank calls with celebrity sound bytes. (Arnold Schwarzenegger). fucking funny...
the internet archive
one effort to archive the web's content. browse snapshots of a huge number of websites back in time.
web-based ascii font generator
create decorative ascii-art text in dozens of fonts. based on figlet (
video computer system (atari video)
a short film created entirely with atari sound samples and oldschool graphics. by the brazillian band "Golden Shower".
submit your tshirt and poster designs here. best shirts are picked regularly. lots of good designers have stuff up. also has a discussion community and a pic post for avid tshirt wearers.
this dude creates gameboy inspired techno. great stuff, and man is he hardcore!
killer site with all the information you'd ever want to know about old skool ataris.
t-shirts for gamers. get the classic WASD config or Gauntlet's "food" icon on your shirt!
the old computer dot com
old-school atari and intellivision tv commercials from the 80s. classic!
funny videos of dudes putting themselves through outrageous pain
qdb: top 50 quotes
holy shit if you've spent any time on irc at all you're gonna die reading these conversation snippets.
a tactile computer interface for generating electronic music. by james patten, mit.

sites w/ neat design->

really nice. experimental design for the web. creative and self-referential
this site about web design is notable graphically for its ability to incorporate the givens of html (you know, stuff like lots of straight lines from frames and tables, limited colour palettes, etc) into the graphical look of the site. navigational buttons and location identifiers do things that make you *think* they're breaking the rules. (added may 10, 1999)
digital thread
a web design review site with really good taste. their japanese section is neat. they cover mainstream and indy design.
an independent font designer's site. thanks to judith for this one...
the company website for an interactive agency, mediumrare. unique pulldown-menu interface. good example of using components of the web medium itself as design elements.
killer dhtml and sweet design. one of the few success stories of the 4th+ generation browsers. (thanks judith...)
amaze limited
based in liverpool, uk, this interactive agency produces elaborate but elegant interfaces in flash, html and shockwave for mostly experimental sites. nice tricks.
an astonishingly high quality collection of impressive sites.
mw01www : mo'wax recordings
clean & sweet design plus creative understanding of the web. that and the beats are good too...imagine that...
freelance designer in stockholm presents his portfolio and web explorations. wonderful web design aesthetic...
thomas popinger | photographer
beautiful experimental media site by fork design's thomas popinger, from germany.
k10k: kaliber10000
the labour of love of two euro designers who facilitate weekly digital design displays and create this design exhibition/journal/news centre. great graphpapery interface elements with an obvious love for html and the web.
e-zine for online designers. the site itself is quite attractive, and they host/link to good content by guest designers in the gallery.
the cool stressed out lines & text look, done very nicely with flash and java.
just some web designer's site...nice use of css etc.
-- 5 2 m m --
just some neat photos and tasteful design
platform network
a hip-hop/urban site for music, shopping & style. really slick raw-html design. lots of good tricks.
[ clan.dr3i ... v4.0 ]
german new media agency.
emerald mosley, a uk web designer and artist offers her personal portfolio and other trinkets up for perusal. in the original version she incorporated elements of the web browser interface into her site's design. the update no longer sports that style, but is nice too.
jeremy tai's personal experiments in design and space, including photo journals from cities around the world. jeremy is one of the founders of (which is also a nice site).
three.oh (inspirational kingdom)
three.oh covers the culture, trends, and style of graphic design, particularly on the internet. not only is the site nice to look at, it leads to many other interesting sites, and provides lots of discussion and interviews to inspire visual learning and thinking. (i just wish they would use relative css font sizing rather than tiny locked point sizes). visit with internet explorer. most of the content isn't available in netscape. see also for some nice interface work.
a digital graphics & design ezine that provides monthly reviews of innovative or compelling web design (as far back as 1996). also posts info on conferences, web design companies, font shops, etc.

massive collection of good, free fonts by aspiring font designers. most are royalty free.
comic book fonts
a portal for typography for comic books and cartoons. pay fonts available, created by comicraft. tons of info, news, community, showcases.
chris macgregor's internet type foundry index
a directory/portal style site listing type foundries and all kinds of type info on the web.
typofile magazine
a font/type zine maintained by will harris, editor of o'reilly's good article on fonts on the web and the 4.0 browsers.
cool archive
about 1000 free fonts. on-screen preview images included. not super high quality but you may find something suitable.
04 | extra | bitmap
a collection of free pixel-based and techno fonts. very nice stuff.
a collection of custom-made tiny pixel-fonts designed specifically for use with flash (and people with exceptional vision). free to download and use. very slick.
atomic media pixel fonts
atomic media creates pixel-based fonts especially for use with handhelds, flash, and other devices that need small, legible point sizes without antialiasing.
fonts for flash
dozens of commercial bitmap pixel fonts for flash, intended to be legible at small sizes. a few free and trial versions are available.
pixel fonts
a collection of low-cost pixel fonts intended for use in flash.



setting the png alpha channel
a short step-by-step tutorial on how to create alpha channel transparency in .png images using photoshop.
png (portable network graphics)
the home page for the developers of the png graphics standard. all breaking news on the standard is posted here, as well as tech specs and links to resources.


the ultimate compendium of adobe photoshop sites
lots of links to photoshop resources.
the action xchange 2.0
kinda what you'd expect...hundreds of photoshop actions. things like effects on photos, text filters, and time savers...

stock/clip art->

art today
Photos, vector art, and web stuff like buttons, arrows, bullets, graphics, backgrounds, rules, textures, icons, photos, and animated GIF files. They claim to have over 750,000 items, and I've heard good things about them from a member.
digital librarian: images
tons of links to site with images and catalogs of images. - the premier visual search engine
not stock art, but a great place to find images on the web. obviously the results are all low res gifs and jpegs, but if that's all you need, this place is a vast resource...


gif cruncher
an excellent size reducing tool that runs online. browse for the gif you want to shrink and the gif cruncher site will create a series of reduced files so you can choose the one you want. i've had better results with it than with debabelizer, photoshop, ulead's gifsaver, and fireworks. however, image ready (or photoshop 5.5) and the rest will likely catch up. they have a pay professional version for batches.
links to optimization software
short but good reviews of image optimization software.


laura's midi heaven
midiI 'til you puke. 10 000+ midi files.
hundreds of samples of instruments and vocals in .wav format. updated weekly. also, lots of info on sampling software and industry news.
star trek sounds
downloadable sound effects from the various star trek series. things like a transporter starting or something appearing on the viewscreen. also famous clips of the computer's voice.
wav central
free wavs in the movie, commercial, and effects categories.
4free wav audio directory
a long list of freeware sound sites, some of which have lots to offer. bit of a hit and miss affair, but if you really want the free stuff, it's worth a try.
index of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds
a vast collection of sound clips from popular and techie culture: tv, movies, computer sounds, sound effects, anime, birds (don't ask me...), etc. all in .au format.
the free site: free wavs
a well annotated list of sites that offer free sounds.
wav sites
links to wav sites complete with descriptions.
an amateur collection of various sound effects and loops for use with flash.
quite a big collection of free sounds in the usual categories (tv, movies, effects, cartoons, etc).
total recorder
this ain't the prettiest app, but it's darn useful: record any sounds coming from your pc, kinda like a screen capture utility but for sound. the free trial version captures up to 40 seconds.
flash music net
a free music/sounds site offering probably a couple hundred fairly generic electronic (drumnbass/techno) sound loops and some sound effects. part japanese, part english. worth a look if you're on a budget.

hours of archived electronic music from canadian dj's. also, news on the scene. run out of toronto by jeff haynes & co.
flat plastic
liquid sky music
this is it
a great play list from, but listen to clip 53.
house of laudanum | laudible
great collection of atonal & noise repetition music. slick site too.
decent collection of german electronic tracks for online listening & purchase. flash 4 required.
the university of toronto's radio station recordings of broadcasts of electronic music. 89.5 on your fm dial if you're in toronto.
a uk-based electronic netradio station. live djs mix daily. good quality stuff in a pretty broad range.
acid-jass online radio
a solid listing of annotated links to acid jazz/ drumnbass netradio stations.
listen to community generated playlists and broadcasts for music of all genres. or broadcast your own music.
the womb
miami-based electronic music broadcasts. live and archived, including videos of djs. good selection.
a group of croatian djs spin their bits on this asciihtml art site put together by marcell mars, curator of club. download mp3s or listen to live feeds.
bucket loads of super electronic mp3s and vcds by the members of krad. great stuff.
pad k-rad
indie chicago electronic musicians. these guys do lots of the audioscapes for james patterson's work (see
overclocked remix
tons of remixes (mostly electronic) of video game soundtracks. ranges from classics to current games. got this from the guys.
diagram-of-suburban-chaos . music
some nice ambient tracks. design by nando costa of

useful web tools->

netscape products archive
all the old browsers and server software. gotta get 'em for testing...
aol's webmaster website
some okay information if you care to cater to aol users. you can get a copy of their browser here but only if you download some stupid trial. i'd be a lot more willing to design for aol if they'd just gimme the damn executable like netscape does...
w3c html validation service
online html checker. checks according to strict spec, which isn't always what the real world demands, but useful for idealists, or if you're hunting for a missing bracket. most good html editing software does a decent job of this too...
make a new websafe colour online by dithering the 216 palette. the tool produces a .gif for you to download as a bgcolor. does the same thing as ditherbox (
detects and lists all activex controls on your system. ie only.
rex swain's http viewer
type in the address of the website, and this
page will display the raw http header and contents the browser would usually get from the server.
my 8 year search for a satisfactory ftp client is finally over. i have probably logged somewhere in the region of 10000-100000 ftp transfers over the years. before i found smartftp, the internet's biggest mystery to me was the lack of a proper ftp client. ws_ftp is clunky at best, and cuteftp, while decent, started randomly hiding files on me one day (it also comes laden with advertising). nothing seemed like a professional tool.
*finally*, i found smartftp. what can i's everything i ever dreamed of in an ftp client. hats off! and it's free...
need a readme.txt or a licence agreement and don't want to pay a lawyer? download writeme...

css reference-> css tutorial
begin your education on dhtml and producing 4th generation web content here. c|net's guides you step-by-step through the different ways of manipulating web content using style sheets. You'll learn what css is, how to modify text, how to create layers, and how to position content without using tables or frames. all in the familiar, easy to read c|net voice. note that the tutorial doesn't cover filters for applying special effects to your content.
raggett's guide to css
offers a quick and easy to follow introduction to using css to format your pages instead of using traditional techniques like <font> and bgcolour. very usable...go grab some samples and see for yourself.
c|net's css reference table
a chart of all the possible css properties for classes and ids, including font styles, borders, backgrounds, and positioning.
david baron's css playground
articles on css and a large group of pages that test css functionality in various browsers.
web standards project: css
wsp's info on css and reviews of browser compliance with the css spec.
css positioning (on
a walk-through tutorial of some simple cssp techniques. good starter guide.
overflowing with solid info about css. notable content includes a long comparison chart of browser css support.
css filters in ie4 (on
a demo of how to use css filters with ie4 to create special effects such as drop shadow and glow on layers or text. note that filters are not supported by Netscape.
w3c's css level 1 spec
the standard specification with thorough explanations of all css elements and properties as well as an introduction to how css works. reasonably friendly writing. more approachable for newbies than the w3c's html dtds.


index dot html
an exhaustive list of html tags and their attributes.
dhtml/javascript articles.
netscape's dhtml manual
docs for using dhtml in netscape by the browser maker.
netscape's devedge: dhtml
technotes on dhtml problems, and a good group of solid reference dhtml implementations with explanations.
web review's dhtml centre
dozens of solid articles on using dhtml with sample code and issues discussed. also dhtml news. great articles on ie's custom css filters (special effects).
html guru: dynamic html resource
an all around good place to find tutorials, community development, and references for dhtml. some neat, creative stuff. maintained by jeff rouyer.
dynamic drive dhtml code library
free cut'n'paste scripts to do most common dhtml tasks. Nicely written scripts that are easy to use.
a bunch of dhtml experiments in motion, menus, and draggable objects. nicely designed...retro video game style. by brent gustafson.
an agressive use of dhtml to create an application-style full screen interface. promotional site for vir2l, a web design company. nice to look at, interesting to see someone pushing so hard to actually produce something that lives up to the potential of dhtml. still a tad clunky and produces the occassional error, but hey, you've got to hand it to them for even trying...
the DynAPI project
dan steinman's open source, cross-browser dhtml code libraries. solid stuff--widgets for everything from scrollbars to layers to sounds.


ecma 262 language specification
the official ecma-262 language specification from the ecma, the body that maintains the language. javascript and jscript implementations are based on ecma-262. this is a highly technical document used by developers of ecma implemenations to create things such as a conforming ecma interpreter.
netscape's javascript 1.5 guide
netscape provides very readable documentation for each javascript version in two components: the core language guide and the core language reference. the guide is a general explanation of language features, the reference is an encyclopedia style document that defines and explains each component of the language exhaustively. this is the guide for javascript 1.5.
netscape's javascript 1.5 reference
the dictionary/encyclopedia for the core javascript 1.5 language.
netscape's javascript 1.4 guide
the guide to the core features of netscape's implementation of javascript 1.4.
netscape's javascript 1.4 reference
the dictionary/encyclopedia for the core javascript 1.4 language.
netscape's javascript 1.3 guide
the guide to the core features of netscape's implementation of javascript 1.3.
netscape's javascript 1.3 reference
the dictionary/encyclopedia for the core javascript 1.3 language.
netscape's javascript 1.2 guide
the guide to the core features of netscape's implementation of javascript 1.2.
netscape's javascript 1.2 reference
the dictionary/encyclopedia for the core javascript 1.2 language.
netscape's javascript 1.1 guide
the official guide and reference to javascript 1.1 rolled into a single resource. notably, this is the version of javascript supported by navigator 3.*.
netscape's list of new features in javascript 1.1
all the components that were added to javascript between version 1.0 (nav2) and version 1.1 (nav3). includes explanations of each component.
mozilla's javascript 2.0 proposal
the documentation for the proposed version 2.0 of the javascript language. javascript 2.0 is intended to be an implementation of ecma-262 version 1.4.
netscape's devedge javascript newsgroup faq
several dozen of the most common javascript problems and questions discussed in good detail by the devedge javascript champions.
microsoft jscript centre
microsoft's jscript (that's what they call javascript, or ecma script) information headquarters. includes documentation, reference, tutorials, and news.
this reference is actually kind of useless because it asks you to download the internet sdk or activex control pad to see a full list of objects, methods, and properties in ie's jscript object model. the control pad sucked as a reference tool.
microsoft's ie4 dom reference
a list of all objects, properties, event handlers, and methods defined for ie4. full definitions given, and sparse usage examples. no compatibility information.
danny goodman's javascript minifaq
danny g., author of authoritative javascript books and reference guides, maintains this faq with pointers to official sites and answers to the truly most frequently encountered javascript problems.
window attributes allowed on
all the possible attributes a window can take when it's opened with, complete with explanations of what each one does.
popup window primer, on web review
a good solid introduction to the task of popping up browser windows with javascript.
javascript for the total non-programmer
considering the title, you'd think this site would be exactly what newbies who want to learn javascript should read. and it tries to be, and it comes pretty close, but it's not perfect. that said, it's worth a visit if you're trying to learn javascript.
doc javascript -
regular articles and javascript tutorials. breaks down each step in the dev process and explains how the code works. plus supplementary info like news and ask the doc a question.
javascript kit
decent all around tutorials for beginner to intermediate javascripting techniques. some interesting approaches, and good writing. also includes moderated forums.
the ultimate javascript client sniffer
an excellent and *exhaustive* article on browser sniffing. long explanations of rationale and techniques. this is the official sniffer recommended for public use by netscape.
everest.js (version 2.0)
rick scott's heavy duty client sniffer, complete with good explanations of how it works. (this is one of the scripthead articles on zdnet).
javascript source
good library of cutnpaste javascripts - javascript articles
one of the best places to find no-nonsense explanations of javascripting. lots of samples and huge faq-style lists of approaches to common javascript projects.
javascript games
a true testament to what *could* be done with dhtml and javascript if there weren't so many browser issues to face. lots of the old classics, plus articles, how-tos, and web discussion.


news, articles, and community for the discerning geek.
the headquarters for the world's most famous open source operating system. tons of info.
search engine for rpm application packages for linux.
teach yourself perl in 21 days
the entire text of teach yourself perl in 21 days by sams publishing, copyright 1996.
a companion site for the book by the same name. the full text of most chapters is posted here, including sample scripts. covers the basics of setting up cgi support for a site and writing perl code to make things like guestbooks, counters, and email forms. great for beginners.
geek dash girl dot com
a nicely straightforward collection of information on unix, perl, and cgi scripts. originally hosted at, this site is a veteran of the web, started on sept 13, 1993. maintained by jennifer myers.

info headquarters maintained by the creator of java (sun).
the java boutique
free java applets. tons of the classic little front end trick things like text scrollers. plus programming information and general java reference.
the canonical java developers' resource. downloadable source and lots of programming tutorials, plus news from the java dev world.
soda's constructor
a highly engaging java applet that animates vector shapes you can build or load. really neat to try if you're into physics demonstations.


generally markup
xml white papers, hands-on tutorials, and a list of reference sites provided by richard lander from the university of waterloo.
xml programming in the real world (article on c|net)
an article by c|net covering how uses xml to integrate their backend data system with front end html. some sample code, and general approaches described in reasonable detail.
an xml resource, information, and news site by o'reilly and seybold. great, deep content with notable xml authorities contributing and serving as editors.

web dev sites->

articles and news on the software we use to create and view websites.
good general technical web dev info site.
web review
good all around web dev resource site.
webtrends network
web news, moderated resources, and webmaster style tools (gif optimizer, load checker, html validator etc) at this portal launched in may 99 by webtrends, the makers of site statistics software.
wired's reliable tutorial/resource/info site for web development and design.
a community site run by web developers for web developers. articles written by contributors and comments made by anyone in the community. up to date and some good gems here. nice to look at as well, and adds an interesting customizable interface to the traditional zine style site.
hard-core amounts of info on building websites. straightforward writing with lots of examples. great and extensive faqs on the typical web building topics (javascript, dom, css, forms etc). super resource.

web standards->

w3c - the world wide web consortium
the main organization in charge of maintaining and approving web technology standards. keepers of the html, css, dom, and xml specs.
ietf - internet engineering task force
so they sound like an elite group of fighters from a 70's comic, but they actually maintain the standards for much of the internet's infrastructure and architecture (things like tcp, ip, ppp, uri/url, etc).
the web standards project
activist community and info centre for the promotion and enforcement of web standards.

digital film->

anime cafe
lots of info on japanese anime. digital film festival
an online film festival and advocate, d-film showcases and promotes internet-based film productions.
a promotional site for british independent film makers that runs monthly music and film contests and promises to present winners to prominent industry folks. lots of independent content to watch here.
this company solicits new independent work by offering a place to showcase it. nice site, lots of original films and animation to watch. mostly short.

character encoding->

iso 8859 alphabet soup
a description of the iso 8859 character families which are today's standard 8 bit derivitives of the original ascii. by roman czyborra.
iso latin 1 character repertoire
excellent, in depth coverage of the characters in iso 8859-1, or latin 1. latin1 is the extended 8-bit version of ascii used to represent north american and western european languages, and as of the year 2000, still the default character encoding for most western web browsers. by jukka korpela.
iso 646 (good old ascii)
a description of the history of ascii which explains its roots, its 7-bit implementation, and its progression to iso 8859 and unicode.
unicode official homepage
main info centre of the unicode consortium, the group that develops and maintains the world's standard international character encoding system, unicode. pretty technical stuff...not too much of it is lay-person friendly.
a tutorial on character code issues
a highly informative, thorough article on the basics of character representation in computers. includes ascii, latin1, and unicode examples, plus lots of great info for character encoding newbies. by jukka korpela
on the use of some mw windows characters in html
if you've ever wondered whether it is really ok to use a windows em dash in an ms-word document that may end up on a mac or if you ever worried whether or not typing alt+0153 is really a legitimate way to get a (tm) symbol onto a web page, read this article by jukka korpela.

usage statistics->
statistics from around the world about browser use, domains, etc.
100hot sites
the hot100 is a portal/search engine that maintains a list of the most visited websites according to logs submitted by a confidential list of webmasters. supposedly the logs track 100 000 web users world wide.
statistics for all the good stuff like which javascript versions are still out there. counts approx. 27 million visits a day on 72,000 sites, last i checked. maintained by websidestory.
stuck with old browsers until 2003 (alertbox april 1999)
an interesting and short article by jakob neilson that predicts (complete with graphs) that version 3 browsers won't be completely gone until early 2001.
nielsen netratings
a stats site run by Nielsen Media Research, the famous TV ratings company. includes top 10 sites of the week, net traffic reports per day, and top 10 banners clicked per week.
gvu center's www user surveys
georgia tech's famous graphics, visualization and usability (gvu) www usage surveys.
macromedia flash download counter
info on the download stats for flash from macromedia's site
uiuc browser stats
summarizes browsers used by 10k+ hosts in 75+ countries making 80k+ accesses on any given day to the engineering
workstations www server at the university of illinois at urbana-champaign. most hits are to
engineering student home pages.

general internet reference->

connecting online - the authors' bookmarks
a good source of definitions and explanations for laypeople about internet and computer terms and concepts.
wdvl: the illustrated encyclopedia of web technology
a very comprehensive collection of information about building websites. many concepts clearly explained and many tutorials on how to makes sites using the technologies described.
the world wide web encyclopedia
a fairly old (1996), but good dictionary of terms used in web technology.
like, this is's dictionary of terms used in programming, the web, and computers in general. professionally written, and thorough coverage of most topics.
the free online dictionary of computing
started in 1993 by editor denis howe, this massive repository of programming and computing terms is one of the dinosaurs of the web. mirrored the world over, and used by ask jeeves and, it contains excellent information, and exhaustive coverage of topics. the implied audience is programmers, not beginners or non-programmers. the dictionary is updated regularly and has many contributors. at my last count (may 8, 2000) the dictionary had definitions for 13057 terms. (this is also a classic in old school html design--p, h, ul, dl, and hr are pretty much the only tags used. though i did spot one graphic ;)
google groups
search archives of usenet dating back to 1981.
a community maintained encyclopedia with good coverage of computing and programming.

web design shops ->

zdnet's twenty best internet consulting firms
an article by lori piquet written on april 6, 1998, giving her top 20 picks for web design companies with a short paragraph of rationale for each. has links to each company.
david siegel's "a" List
gives david's view of the cream of the crop in web suppliers. this is a list of mostly design firms, not ad agencies or software dev. houses. (he's got a list of those too if you look around).
a n g r y m o n k e y
san francisco based. big clients are movie sites such as blade, and for lost In space. they've also got content on shockrave.
pop! multimedia
located in seattle, wa. did dr. katz in flash for comedy central, and part of the new beetle online campaign, as well as bill nye, the science guy.
icon medialab
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, these guys have done some neat work for Mercedes, Amnesty International, Netscape, and Volkswagen. They've got offices around the world in the typical web hotspots.
volumeone | visual communication
Very cool company site...trippy narratives with arty theoretical intent. Clients include: Lost in Space (the movie), Photostogo, RollsRoyce/Bentley, Kodak. Site changes quarterly.
studio archetype
these guys did my favourite design project ever...the launch of the n64 (site and product packaging).
dave, aka, hillman used to work at macromedia and did the famous circle-roundy redesign of macromedia's website in 1998. now he and his faithful followers produce high end work out of newyorkcity. hillman wrote a book on flash that was published in spring 2000, and is highly active in the flash world.
phoenix pop productions inc.
based in san fran. they did samsung's site and levi's "living denim" section. decent client roster...
san fran based company that's done some stuff for netscape, infoseek, excite, and david siegel. they have a funny game in the root of /games/ off
akimbo design
a san francisco based design shop that did the superfly dhtml demo on macromedia's dhtmlzone. they do lots of product demos for macromedia and microsoft.
second story
creators of dreamworks records, national geographic's site (97-98), and the remedi project. highly experienced in flash development.
fire engine red
originally started as webworks in san francisco, fire engine red has had major affiliations with idg books over the years. they spawned their own identity in december 1996. neat clients, and a decent fucking attitude to doing the best web dev around without the corporate crap.
a new and traditional media design company. one of the decent shops on the east coast (baltimore and boston). does financial industry stuff and the national gallery of art site.
funny garbage
new york based agency. worked with lots of decent clients. did the redesign of the famously spartan homepage, and did the design of online bookstore.
yet another decent little web company with a single word name that starts with "c". as you may have guessed they're based in san francisco and have a client roster that includes microsoft & the gang. two things make this shop stand out: their neat company site, and the employee section which profiles corporate and personal work.
limage dangereuse
a dutch web design company. neat designs and ethics. creators of
terra incognita
this alexandria, louisiana, based web company is largely involved with national geographic's extensive site.
kioken design
hip nyc agency specializing in the entertainment industry. they do celeb sites like puff daddy & jennifer lopez. other clients include comedy central and canon. very contemporary looking work...
f r o g
a 30 year old design company founded in germany and now maintaining offices world wide (austin, san fran, nyc, etc). neat historical clients like apple in the '80s and now very active in the web. they did dell's site redesign, micron, the la times.
big ass web design/development group based in nyc. the big ass client list includes british airways, colgate, compaq, gucci, sharp electronics, sprint, texaco, etc, etc. the folks i know there are nice people, and great at what they do.
blue dingo
another 600 broadway shop in nyc. not quite the heavyweight of others on the block, but some good clients. chef boyardee for one...
ice: integrated communications & entertainment
during the 90's, ice was one of the most established canadian digital agencies. based in toronto, it was where i worked from 1997-2001. in november 2001, like so many internet companies, it declared bankruptcy and was bought by sonar in toronto. staff was cut from 220 to 20, and i decided to start working independently.
these guys are truly one of the bmfs (big mutha fuckas) of the industry. massive conglomerate that started as two separate companies (usweb and cks) and in the spring of 2000 merged with whittman-hart to get even bigger. a new brand, march first, was born after the merger closed. clients include the bbc, apple, cnn, sports illustrated, warner brothers, harley davidson, nbc, etc.

web advertising/business ->

iab--internet advertising bureau
an association that conducts research, proposes standards, and provides an informational website on internet advertising. a good place to start if you're looking for answers or statistics about internet ads.
iab--banner size standards
the iab's document on the ad hoc industry standard banner sizes for web banner ads.
an ezine on online marketing and advertising. includes news, stats, community, and how-tos.
netratings top banners
a weekly display of the most frequently clicked banner ads according to "netratings", which tracks a research group of 3500 18 year old or older net users.
a weekly review of winners of microscopes banner advertising awards. reviews have analysis by microscope, context for the campaign, and comments by the production company. submit your own banner campaign for review.
general web marketing info, notably--stats on costs of building a website, hourly developer rates, market trends, and a developer's directory.
webmonkey: design: ad banner design tips
article on designing banner ads, and some statistical reports on advertising with banners on the web
welcome to microscope
cluetrain manifesto
95 interesting tennets of marketing with an e-generation slant.
intersting site. anyone can post a review for any consumer product. over time, users can rate your review. the more people who agree with you, the more trusted you are, and the higher-profile your reviews become. you get paid every time someone rates your review.
a resource centre for creating sites with "personalized" content (ie. content that adjusts itself to the specific preferences of individual users, like
Patterns for e-business

web usability->

usable web
one of the central locations of information about UI design and Usability Engineering for web sites and web applications. covers testing, design, standards, and news.

web hosting->

rackspace hosts they supply heavy-duty professional hosting for mid to high volume websites. excellent support, excellent service. highly recommended.
media temple
a very flash-friendly host that partners closely with macromedia and does a great job supporting the flash community and web art world.
bargain basement hosting for as little as $4.95/month.
hiway technologies, inc.
one of the largest and most reliable web hosting services on the net. hiway was acquired by verio in late 1999.
pair networks web hosting
good reviews from a guy on the flasher-l list. looks like cheap prices.
the reprahduce company
for mac fanatics, here's a web hoster with a good reputation that hosts exclusively on g3s. hmm...
haven't researched them much, but they look decent. $25/month for unlimited hits and 50mb storage. (added may 5, 1999)
ci host
suggested as a cost-effective alternative to hiway and verio by an equaintance who hosted with verio for a long time. could be worth checking into.
welcome to verio
one of the biggest hosting services out there. perhaps the biggest after its acquisition of hiway. decent folx...they use my flash detection scripts and have been cool to deal with.
cheap-ass domain name registration. like $10 US per year...

web news-> real-time internet news
the news branch of's information empire.
Reliable, timely, and digestible stories on all things computer: internet events and news, software, hardware, web development. One of the oldest and best places to find out what you want to know about computers and the internet.

web conferences->

The official 1999 site for the 8th iteration of the industry's most important web conference, the International World Wide Web Conference, where the W3C meets to report on their activities and to discuss where web standards will go next.

reference (maps, spelling, etc)->

jargon file resources
a dictionary and reference guide to techie language. funny and legitimate. covers official acronyms like ascii, colloquial net language and acronyms, technical terms, and code commenting styles.
map machine
a clickable atlas of the world. gives kinda cruddy images, but you can find any country easily and search for cities, states, and countries by name.
merriam-webster dictionary
a good (and free) online dictionary and thesaurus. not the oed, but then the oed ain't free.
type an address from a major city anywhere in the world, and you get a map indicating where your target is located.
an encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms. search by word or browse the icons graphically.
world fact book
kick ass information on the worlds countries. find out how many phone lines are in a country!

search engines->

search engine watch
extensive info about search engines, including tips for users and webmasters, and ratings, comparisons etc.
the granddaddy of search engines. long established as a search engine with immense databases, altavista became a web portal late in 1999.
ranks hits using various algorithms. ambitiously tries to return only "relevant" sites.


id software
thank you john: what else can you say?


cool server mod that tracks the frags of players on your server. adds a great extra dimension to the drop-in drop-out fragfests of internet deathmatch.
q2 mod stats
a webbot that checks how many servers are running each quake II mod and the number of players on them. ranks each mod based on usage.
Lithium II Mod for Quake II
One of the most popular DM mods. Adds powerups (like techs in CTF), an off-hand grapple, neat HUD configurations, and lots of server options like tourney matches, IP banning, zbot detection, etc.
Rocket Arena
Fun team or one-on-one match-based mod. Tons of custom maps and competition arenas.
L-Fire CTF Features
Popular version of Zoids CTF. Adds polish as well as some neat new features like Rocket Arena overtime.


planet quake
If it happens in the world of quake or quake mods, you'll find it here.

my hangouts

palace of destruction
decent players, including the xeno clan. they run frag stats, my friends play here, and I get a good ping ;).

config settings

quake 2 console commands
a list of shell commands for the quake console and config files.

quake III nation
quake III arena news site.
multi-head gaming
run quake across multiple monitors. too fucking cool.
ARQ (archon mod for quake 3)
yes! finally someone decided to remake the classic archon! play quake on a chessboard and decide the outcome of each battle in an arena with all the weapons of the original archon (banshee, phoenix, unicorn, dragon, etc).